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The New Hanold Associates Job Scam

A new scam has surfaced on the internet where scammers are using Hanold associates to trick people.

Therefore, people are questioning the legitimacy of Hanold associates since the scams are under their name.

Hanold Associates themselves as not a scam but scammers are using their domain name in the Emails to ask people about their credentials. Therefore users must learn about this scam to protect themselves on the internet.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Hanold Associates scam.

What Is Hanold Associates?

Hanold Associates is a USA-based executive search and human resources consulting firm in Illinois.

Primarily, they specialize in recruiting executives for leadership positions within organizations like Tiffany, The UFC, and many more.

Hence, companies use their services by directly reaching them through their official company’s website.

In doing so, they have earned quite a fame because they served popular brand names.

Hanold Associates on Scamadvisor
Scamadvisor displays a score of 96 on the Hanold Associates website.

They are a legitimate website that has accumulated a score of 96/100 on Scamadvisor.

However, they are caught up in a spiral at present because of a popular job scam.

To tackle this situation, they have issued a message on their website to alert users about this scam.

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What Is Hanold Associates Scam?

Hanold Associates scam is a recent scam where scammers use Hanold’s name to promote their scam schemes.

In general, it is a job-based scam that targets job hunters to access their banking details or social security numbers.

Hence, scammers are using Hanold in their email names to make it seem like they are employees of Hanold.

Then, they approach their target to congratulate their target on the job at Hanolds falsely.

In fact, this scam is so well-orchestrated that they even send a different email from the HR side to talk about salaries.

Therefore, they use Hanold Associates’s name as a mask for their scam on the internet.

Finally, they ask the users about their bank details or credit card info after tricking them.

According to a Reddit Post, a user mentioned that he almost became a victim of a similar job scam.

How To Avoid Hanold Associates Scam?

There are various ways that users must follow to protect themselves from this scam. They are:

  1. Firstly, users must always note that Hanold uses as their email address.
Hanold Associates official response regarding scam
Hanold Associates’ official response regarding the recent scam accusations.
  1. So they are free to contact them for legitimacy through the Contact Us page on their website.
  2. Also, users must note that they should never provide their personal information to any business firms.
  3. Hence, they should report the email as soon as they start to ask users for their passwords.
  4. Users are always free to ask them for a video meeting if they doubt their legitimacy.
  5. In fact, popular firms value the relationship between the organization and their clients and will gladly set up a video meeting.
  6. Finally, users must stay away from emails that have spelling mistakes or bad formatting.

The Bottom Line

Hanold Associates is just a new choice of domain for the scammers to run with their plans.

Therefore, users must always do their research before jumping to conclude the legitimacy of an organization.

Also, they can always contact Hanold Associates’s website to double-check the legitimacy of the emails.

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