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Hidden Truth Behind The Revolt Scam

Revolt is an online merchandise company with trendy and edgy designs as its selling point.

However, Revolt has been part of a massive scam related to their merchandise business.

Revolt, a merch company that was once the first choice of influencers is now popular for its scam with several complaints and has faced backlash from both customers and content creators.

Here we will dive deeper into the details of the background and the scam of the company.

What Is Revolt?

Revolt is an online merchandise company that sells t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more with unique designs.

The owner of the company is a man named Ryan Piasente who is most popular for the Revolt Scam.

Apart from being the CEO of the Revolt merchandise company, he is a YouTuber and runs the Misfits.

Revolt gained its popularity in 2019 and gradually became a sought-after merchandise company.

Furthermore, Revolt was at the peak of its game from 2019 till the year 2021.

The company worked with influencers and YouTubers with a strategic alliance revenue model.

In addition, Revolt helped YouTubers and influencers come out with their merch designs.

In turn, Revolt gained a percentage of the sales that their alliance partners would make.

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History Of Revolt

Revolt which is now popular for its scams and negative reviews started officially operating in 2019.

Also, Revolt was extremely successful from 2019 to 2021 working with every strategic partner.

In addition, just 5 merchandise collection drops from Revolt in 2021 made a whopping $20 million.

Revolt Scam Invoice
An invoice of the spending of the Revolt team.

It is important to note that these data and research are the courtesy of a Youtuber, Coffeezilla.

Even though these massive profits and revenue were generated, the business went downhill.

One of the biggest culprits of the business going downhill is Ryan Piasente’s spending problem

There are actual invoices and receipts of the hotel bills, private jets, and more that Ryan Piasente spent.

The Revolt Scam

The Revolt Scam involves scamming the customer and the alliance partners that the company was in ties with.

In addition, the customers have all kinds of complaints regarding the company which include:

  1. Completely wrong orders
  2. Delayed orders
  3. Orders not being shipped at all
  4. Not being refunded for an order which is not even shipped

In fact, in December of 2021, Revolt had 100,00 customer support tickets regarding items not being shipped.

It currently has a 96% 1-star rating on the platform Trustpilot with several complaints.

Revolt Rating
The customer ratings of Revolt in Trustpilot.

Other than customer complaints, Revolt also failed to pay their alliance partners for their cut.

Many Youtubers such as Tubbo, Anthony Padilla, Nihachu, and many more spoke up about the failed payments.

Tweet Of Twitch Streamer
A tweet about the failed payments from Revolt to Twitch streamer, Nihachu.

Furthermore, Revolt failed to hit their minimum guarantee or their set goal for some collections.

To be more precise, the collection with Mr. Beast for his 10 million subscribers failed the minimum guarantee mark.

So, Revolt decided to increase the cost of goods which meant Mr. Beast had to pay more for every unit.

Revolt COGS
Revolt increased the cost of goods to account for their money problems.

Therefore, as Ryan ran out of money, the merchandise business started going downhill.

Also, news of the merchandise from the company ending up in donations started to surface.

This meant that the company was not paying even the storage units so the merch had to go somewhere.

On top of all this, there are allegations of the owner of Revolt, Ryan Piasente being a predator.

However, to get more details about the story, you will have to watch the amazing video created by Coffeezilla.

The Bottom Line

Revolt is a merchandise company that runs off of alliances with Youtubers and influencers.

However, the company started to go out of business in 2021 because of the owner’s spending problem.

The company has scammed customers, alliance partners, logistics faculty, employees, and many more.

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