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0 Helldivers Active In Helldivers 2 Map: Double XP And Incentives

If you are a fan of Helldivers 2, you might have noticed a disturbing trend lately: zero active Helldivers on the game’s map.

This means that you are either playing solo or offline, which defeats the purpose of the game’s multiplayer mode.

Why is this happening and what can you do about it? 

Continue reading to learn what developers are doing to fix 0 active Helldivers on the Helldivers 2 map.

Players See O Helldivers Active In Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has been plagued by server issues that prevent players from joining or creating lobbies.

This means that players cannot connect with each other online and are forced to play solo or offline.

This defeats the game’s purpose, which is designed to be a cooperative experience.

Many players have reported seeing 0 active Helldivers on the Helldivers 2 map.

As a result, this indicates a lack of player activity and multiplayer options.

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Players Saying On 0 Helldivers Active In Helldivers 2

0 active Helldivers has caused frustration and disappointment among the Helldivers 2 community.

As a result, players are complaining on various platforms, such as Reddit, Twitter, and Steam.

However, some players ask for refunds, while others have expressed dissatisfaction with the game and the developer.

Moreover, some players compare the game unfavorably to the original Helldivers, which had fewer bugs and more content.

0 active helldivers helldivers2
A Reddit post on 0 active Helldivers in Helldivers 2.

Developers Saying On 0 Active Helldivers

The developers have acknowledged the problem and are working on a fix.

They have apologized for the inconvenience. Further, they assure the players that they will resolve the issue immediately.

Moreover, they thank the players for their patience and support and promise to deliver more updates and features in the future.

What Are The Developers Doing to Fix The Issue?

The developers of Helldivers 2 are doing the following things to fix the 0 active Helldivers in Helldivers 2:

1. Increased The Server Capacity

They have added more or faster processors, memory, disk, or network resources.

This handles the increased user load and reduces the waiting time for logging in to the game.

Contrarily, increasing server capacity is one of the goals of capacity planning.

Nevertheless, it estimates and ensures adequate resources for a service.

2. Deployed A Hotfix 

A hotfix is a software update released quickly to fix a specific bug or issue affecting a service’s functionality or performance.

In this case, the hotfix addressed the server issues that prevented players from joining or creating lobbies.

However, deploying a hotfix optimizes server performance, enhancing a service’s speed and efficiency.

steam post 0 active helldivers
A Steam Community post 0 active Helldivers.

3. Announced A Server Maintenance Period

Server maintenance is the process of keeping the server hardware and software up to date and running smoothly.

Generally, it involves installing patches, fixing errors, cleaning up data, and performing backups.

In this case, server maintenance was needed to fix the problems with the reward system and the player progression.

Thus, announcing a server maintenance period is a good practice to inform the users about the expected downtime and its reasons.

4. Double XP Weekends And Incentives

Double XP weekends are events where the players can earn twice the amount of experience points for their actions in the game.

Nevertheless, this can help them level up faster and unlock more content.

Moreover, other incentives could include free items, discounts, or special events.

Thus, offering incentives increases user satisfaction and loyalty and compensates for the inconvenience caused by the server issues.

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