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Bile Spewers Helldivers 2 Not Working: Is It Bugged?

Bile Spewers are one of the most challenging enemies in Helldivers 2.

They can spit deadly acid that can kill you instantly, and they have a tough head that can withstand most attacks.

However, there are some practical ways to deal with these bugs, such as using powerful weapons and dodging their acid.

Continue reading to explore why Bile Spewers are not working in Helldivers 2 and its fixes.

Bile Spewers Not Working In Helldivers 2

Bile Spewers is an enemy in Helldivers 2 and part of the Terminid faction.

Generally, Bile Spewers are giant, armored bugs that can spray a deadly acid stream at long range.

They are not working correctly and refuse to spawn because of a bug in the game.

As a result, it causes them to stop moving and attacking after a certain amount of time.

Many players have reported this bug on the game’s official forum and Steam community.

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Fixes To Bile Spewers Not Working In Helldivers 2

The developers have not yet released a patch to fix Bile Spewers not working,

However, they are aware of it and are working on a solution; in the meantime, follow the fixes below:

1. Disable Crossplay

This may help with multiplayer issues and syncing problems. 

However, some players have reported that Crossplay causes lag, desync, and connection errors in Helldivers 2.

To disable Crossplay, go to the Options tab on the pause menu.

Then, select the Gameplay option > locate Crossplay>toggle the setting to Off.

Hence, apply the change to your settings.

bile spewer not working
Bile Spewers is an enemy in Helldivers 2.

2. Update Audio Drivers And Disable Steam Input 

Go to the Device Manager on your PC to update your audio drivers.

Then, find your audio device> right-click on it, select Update Driver, and follow the instructions.

To disable Steam Input, you need to right-click on Helldivers 2 in your Steam library.

Then, choose Properties from the dropdown menu and go to the Controller tab.

Futher, switch to Disable Steam Input under the controller options.

3. Use Anti-Material Rifle Or The Impact Grenades

Bile Spewers are very resilient and can take a lot of damage before dying. 

To deal with them effectively, you must use weapons that can inflict significant damage in a single shot, such as the Anti-Material rifle.

It is a powerful sniper rifle that can pierce through armor or the Impact Grenades.

You can also use the Jump Pack to avoid their acid attack and get behind them for a better shot.

4. Avoid the Bile Spewers Altogether

Bile Spewers are not essential to the mission, and you can still earn rewards without killing them.

Another strategy to deal with the Bile Spewers is ignoring them and concentrating on the mission’s primary goals.

You must focus on capturing points, destroying targets, or rescuing survivors.

The Bile Spewers are not required to be killed to complete the mission, and they do not affect your score or rewards.

You can use your mobility and stealth to evade them and move on to the next objective.

bile spewer helldivers2
Use your mobility and stealth to evade Bile Spewer in Helldivers 2.

5. Wait For A Patch Release

Developers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

Thus, you can check the game’s official forum or Steam community for updates.

The final option is to wait patiently for the developers to address the bug that causes the Bile Spewers to malfunction.

They have acknowledged the problem and are working on a fix.

You can stay updated on the patch’s progress and release date by visiting the game’s official forum or Steam community.

Moreover, you can report any other bugs or issues on these platforms and get help from other players or the support team.

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