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Cape In Helldivers 2: How To Get It?

In Helldivers 2, the cape is one of three cosmetic items available in the Armory.

Players can equip the cape, along with the armor and helmet in Helldivers 2.

The cape is a purely decorative item and does not provide any stats like armor and helmet.

Continue reading to learn about the Cape, how to get it, and what is Warbond.

Introduction To Cape In Helldivers 2

The cape is a decorative item equipped to enhance the design of a character.

Players often customize their character, the cape will also get listed in the customization item.

The cape enhances the looks and makes the design of a character unique and cooler than others.

helldivers 2 preorder
Pre-order and get exciting rewards.

Likewise, the cape does not provide any stats for the players to enhance their gameplay in combat.

Helldivers 2 will offer the cape, armor, and helmets in their standard and premium supply edition.

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How To Get Cape In Helldrivers 2?

Helldivers 2 will release two editions for players, Standard Edition and Super Citizen Edition.

The Standard Edition will cost $40 and the Super Citizen Edition will cost $60.

cape Helldivers 2 super
Get armor, a weapon, and a matching cape from Super Citizen Edition.

Therefore, if you have already purchased the Standard Edition you can still upgrade to Super Citizen Edition. 

Players can earn the “Will of the People” cape in Helldivers 2 by purchasing the game’s Super Citizen Edition which costs $60.

This edition contains the cape, a unique armor set, the MP-98 KNIGHT weapon, Super Citizen Status, and the Stratagem Hero Ship game.


The MP-98 Knight SMG in Helldivers 2 has a fast rate of fire.

Military ministry on Super Earth commonly utilizes it to quickly incapacitate groups of enemies.

The weapon starts with 6 drums of ammo and can hold up to 12 and each magazine holds 75 bullets.

Also, you can obtain this weapon at level 21, and it is effective against every enemy.

However, it is more effective on the game’s two opponent factions both Cyborgs and Illuminates.

The weapon’s stats and usefulness have been debated in several internet forums, but detailed numerical numbers for the weapon’s stats are not accessible.

new armor helldivers 2
Get these new armor by playing and purchasing Warbond.

Furthermore, the game has a Warbond system, which provides tasks that, when achieved, result in prizes.

Therefore, Warbonds can be purchased with premium cash or acquired for free through gameplay.

The cape, along with the armor and helmet are part of the game’s character customization choices.

Thus, this system will enable players to customize their looks to their preferences.

Players love to customize their characters to show their creativity through designs.

What Is Warbonds In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, Warbonds are a series of tasks that players may perform to win prizes.

Therefore, you can purchase these challenges using Super Credits.

Additionally, you can get Super Credits through microtransactions or win by playing.

The Warbonds system provides players with a range of challenges, like completing missions with certain objectives.

Players can earn unique things including armor, helmets, and capes, as well as upgrades for weapons and equipment.

Players can get additional material and prizes from Warbond challenges which are outside of the primary game.

Thus, this encourages players to interact with the game’s challenges and systems.

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