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How To Defeat Slaughter Twins In Persona 3 Reload?

Slaughter Twins in Persona 3 Reload are the lackeys you will encounter on your way toward the Disturbing Dice.

Like the previous two bosses, this battle revolves around a central enemy accompanied by two lackeys.

Like their weaker counterparts from Thebel, Slaughter Twins are vulnerable to electricity and are weak.

This makes it easy to defeat them with an electric-type skill with a powerful blow directly to the Slaughter Twins.

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Who Are Slaughter Twins In Persona 3 Reload?

Slaughter Twins are the lackeys you need as a flank before facing the main boss Disturbing Dice.

These lackeys are known for their twin look as they are paired with 2 bodies and have to defeat 2 of them.

Slaughter Twins
Slaughter Twins are the zombie-like creatures that have 2 bodies paired as one and look creepy.

These are not the boss or any main enemies of the game and are easily beatable using their weaknesses.

Hence, dealing with these creatures won’t be so hard for you and you can easily defeat them using Electricity.

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Location Of Slaughter Twins In Persona 3 Reload

Slaughter Twins are zombie-like creatures that can be found on the 36th floor of Arqa block at Tartarus.

It’s the same location where you battle with Disturbing Dice and they are as minions that you face on the way.

They spawn at the center of the area on the 36th floor and are melee attackers with no specific weather but hands.

Hence, they don’t deal much of damage if you are far enough. So, make sure to maintain a distance while facing them.

What Are The Weaknesses Of Slaughter Twins?

Slaughter Twins are vulnerable to the electric type skill as no other skill affects them and deals high damage.

emce, make sure to use Akihiko’s Mazio skill which is an electric type skill that helps you to deal AOE damage.

Moreover, you can use any other skills that deal with electric-type damage and easily defeat the Slaughter Twins.

slaughter twins
The main weakness of the slaughter Twins are electric type damage and can be blown away easing by using it.

Hence, choose a skill that deals AOE damage with electric type as it will help you to defeat them faster.

Whenever Akihiko has a turn, use Mazio to zap both sets of the Slaughter Twins at once to finish them off. 

How To Defeat Slaughter Twins In Persona 3 Reload?

While exploring Arqa’s first half in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll encounter the Slaughter Twins fight.

This enormous rolling die marks the second of two consecutive battles, following the defeat of the Heretic Magus.

However, before facing the main boss, you have to deal with lackeys known as Slaughter Twins in the game.

Follow these steps to defeat Disturbing Dice in Persona 3 Reload.

1. Acknowledge The Weakness

During every fight with bosses in Persona 3 Reload, you should always know their weaknesses to defeat them.

Therefore, the weakness of the Slaughtering Twins is Electricity as they are only vulnerable to fire attacks.

2. Stay Cautious

As you reach the 36th floor of the Tartarus, always make sure to be prepared for what’s coming next.

Even after defeating Slaughter Twins, the Dice will come directly after the Heretic Magus with no checkpoint.

3. Heal Before Approaching

Always ensure full health while dealing with main bosses as they have the power to finish you up in one shot.

Moreover, you can heal every time after a battle and stay cautious for the next battle in the game.

4. Battle Slaughter Twins

As you reach the location, the battle starts with 2 lackeys that are known as the Slaughter Twins.

To face the Disturbing dice, you first have to defeat these 2 lackeys by using an electric type skill.

5. Use Healing Skill

If the party gets seriously wounded, use Yukari’s turn to cast Media, healing everyone simultaneously.

Once the dice is dead, you’ll be free to exploit the Slaughter Twins’ weaknesses fully.

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