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TotK – Does Fierce Deity Sword Respawn?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has captivated players with its rich stories, challenging quests and weapons.

One weapon that has captured players’ attention is the Fierce Deity Sword.

You can get the Fierce Deity Sword to respawn using the Bargainer statues and repurchasing the Sword. However, players must first obtain the Sword by finishing a quest to do this.

Many players love the famous two-handed weapon due to its impressive attack power and unique abilities.

However, players often wonder about the respawn process of the Fierce Deity Sword.

This article will discuss the Fierce Deity Sword and its respawn mechanics.

How To Obtain The Fierce Deity Sword?

Players first need to acquire the full Fierce Deity Armor set, which consists of armor, mask and boots, to obtain the Fierce Deity Sword.

Read more to get the step guide for the Fierce Deity Armor Set.

The armor pieces are scattered throughout the game, with one found in the Akkala Highlands.

Once the armor set is complete, players can proceed to obtain the Fierce Deity Sword.

Locating The Fierce Deity Sword

The Fierce Deity Sword is inside a chest in Misko’s cave that is north of Foothill Stable.

miskos cave of quests
Collect Misko’s Cave of Quests to get Fierce Deity Sword.

You will find hundreds of treasure chests inside the cave, while some can be under the ground.

All the chests contain a green rupee except one chest, which contains the ember trousers and the Fierce Deity Sword.

totk green rupee
Players can find the green rupee inside the chests of Misko’s cave.

Players can find the chest with the help of a dog called the Hylian Retriever. The dog has mighty smelling powers that help to find the right chest.

totk hyleen retriever
The Hylian Retriever of Tears of The Kingdom

Finally, you will find the Fierce Deity Sword by completing the Misko’s cave quest.

Does The Fierce Deity Sword Respawn?

Respawn is a term used in gaming to restore or repair an entity that could be a weapon or a character.

Many weapons and shields in Tears of the Kingdom can be repaired using the Rock Octorok.

However, the Fierce Deity Sword cannot be respawned using the Octorok because it’s an Amiibo weapon.

For the Fierce Deity Sword to respawn, you must activate two or more Bargainer statues.

totk bargainer statues
The Bargainer Statues from Tears of The Kingdom

In addition, you need to talk to any one of the Bargainer statues from underground, and it will help you to repurchase any of the Amiibo weapons.

The Fierce Deity Sword will cost you only 160 Poes, which is fairly cheap compared to other weapons and shields.

totk fierce deity sword repurchase
You can repurchase the Fierce Deity Sword using one of the Bargainer Statues.

Although the Fierce Deity Sword is a powerful weapon, players can also use other alternative weapons.

Those alternatives include Master Sword, Lightscale Trident, and Scimitar of the Seven. Some are more powerful than others.

The Bottom Line

Fierce Deity Sword is a legendary weapon players can get after acquiring the full Fierce Deity set.

Players must repurchase the Fierce Deity Sword using the Bargainer statues to respawn it.

Nevertheless, players can still find other powerful weapons throughout the game to help them in their quest.

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