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Helldivers 2 Machine Gun: Unleash The Hell

In Helldivers 2, the machine gun is a formidable tool in the arsenal of freedom fighters combating the Bug menace.

Machine Gun is known for their high rate of fire and heavy damage output which is a reliable choice for suppressing the enemy.

Likewise, the machine gun is a crucial asset in the fight for galactic freedom since it provides cover fire for teammates on the battlefield.

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What Is Machine Gun In Helldivers 2?

Machine guns in Helldivers 2 play a vital role in combating the Bug menace and other hostile factions.

These heavy firearms offer raw firepower and crowd control capabilities essential for navigating perilous missions and intense battles.

Similarly, it serves various purposes such as:

  • Laying down cover fire to facilitate team movements
  • Engaging enemy swarms with overwhelming firepower
  • Fending off relentless assaults from all directions
Machine Gun In Helldivers 2
Players can change the fire rates in Machine Guns, from 630rpm to 900rpm.

As players navigate perilous missions and intense battles, the strategic use of machine guns becomes vital for success

Further, it also ensures the survival of players in the face of overwhelming odds during the battles in Helldivers 2.

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How To Get Machine Gun In Helldivers 2?

The MG-43 is a Support Weapon in Helldivers 2, meaning it cannot be unlocked through the Warbonds system using Medals.

Instead, players must access the Requisitions Terminal located on their ship, opposite the Helldiver cryo pod bay.

MG-43 Machine Gun In Helldivers 2
Taming this beast requires careful recoil management, as the MG-43 possesses significant kickback.

Unlocking the MG-43 requires spending Requisition points earned from completing missions.

The exact cost is currently undisclosed but is expected to be significant.

As of now, there are no confirmed instances of Machine Guns, such as light machine guns or submachine guns.

However, future updates or DLCs may introduce Machine Guns into the Warbonds system for purchase using Medals.

Players need to rely on official sources for accurate information, as leaks and speculation may not be reliable.

Likewise, to obtain the formidable MG-43 Machine Gun in Helldivers 2, follow these steps:

1. Progress Through Training

Players must begin their journey by progressing through various training missions within the game.

Likewise, this introductory phase will acquaint you with the basic mechanics and weaponry, including the MG-43.

2. Access Ship Management

Once you’ve completed the training, you must access your ship’s Ship Management interface.

Similarly, it can typically be done by interacting with a terminal or console within the ship’s interior in Helldivers 2.

3. Navigate To Stratagems

Within the Ship Management interface players should navigate to the section dedicated to Stratagems.

This is where you can access and manage various deployable assets, including support weapons like the MG-43.

4. Spend Requisition Currency

To unlock the MG-43, you must spend Requisition currency (depicted as yellow “R” symbols).

Moreover, this currency is earned by completing missions and objectives throughout the game.

5. Purchase The MG-43

Once you’ve accumulated enough Requisition currency, locate the MG-43 within the Stratagems section in the Ship Management interface.

Likewise, players must make strategic decisions when investing in this formidable weapon to bolster their arsenal.

Mastering The MG-43 Machine Gun In Helldivers 2

In the battlegrounds of Helldivers 2, mastering the MG-43 machine gun is essential when providing crucial support to your team.

As one of the most potent weapons in the Helldiver’s arsenal, the MG-43 offers unparalleled firepower and crowd control capabilities.

Further, it a formidable tool in the fight against the alien menace in the Galactic Wars.

However, wielding this heavy weapon effectively requires more than just raw firepower, follow these steps to master MG-43:

1. Understand The Weapon

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the MG-43, including its high rate of fire, heavy recoil, and deployment for stability.

Knowing how the weapon handles will allow players to use it more effectively in combat situations during battles.

2. Aim And Control Recoil

Secondly, practice controlling the recoil of the MG-43 to maintain accuracy, especially during sustained fire.

MG-43 Machine Gun In Helldivers 2
Deploying the bipod attachment enhances accuracy and stability and ensures precise targeting.

Similarly, burst-firing or using short controlled bursts can help you stay on target while minimizing recoil.

3. Positions And Mobility

Likewise, players must position them strategically to take advantage of cover and line of sight while using the MG-43.

Be mindful of your mobility limitations due to the weapon’s weight, and plan your movements accordingly to avoid being caught.

4. Suppressive Fire

Use the MG-43 to lay down suppressive fire which keeps the enemy forces pinned down and prevents them from advancing.

Moreover, suppressive fire can provide valuable support to your team and create opportunities for flanking or advancing to better positions.

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