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How To Change The Secondary Weapon In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, the secondary weapon is a vital part of your arsenal, offering additional firepower and flexibility during missions.

The primary function of a secondary weapon is to serve as a reliable backup when your primary weapon is ineffective or out of ammo.

Moreover, they are essential for diversifying your combat options, providing backup firepower, and adapting to various challenges.

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Secondary Weapon In Helldivers 2 

A secondary weapon, also known as a sidearm, is an extra firearm you carry alongside your primary weapon.

It acts as a backup in combat and provides different tactical options for dealing with threats.

Secondary weapons come in various types, such as pistols, shotguns, and submachine guns, each with unique characteristics.

They offer different rates of fire, damage, and range compared to primary weapons.

Additionally, directly swapping out your secondary weapon beyond the standard issue P-2 Peacemaker pistol isn’t possible.

t DLC Pistols as Perks
Players ask about DLC Pistols as Perks in the Reddit community.

There are alternative options to enhance your secondary capabilities:

  • Pistol Perk DLC: Purchasing it unlocks access to specialized pistols with unique bonuses, such as increased damage or special effects like setting enemies on fire or stunning them.
  • Temporary Stratagem Pistols: Explore points of interest and crashed sites during missions to find temporary weapon drops containing unique pistols with varying stats and effects.
  • Utilize Your Sidearm Effectively: Even if you’re using the standard P-2 Peacemaker, remember its advantages, such as unlimited ammo, fast reloading, and suitability for close-quarters combat.
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Benefits Of Secondary Weapon

Here are the benefits of having a secondary weapon in Helldivers 2:

  • A secondary weapon adds versatility to your loadout, helping you handle different combat situations and enemy types effectively.
  • It acts as a reliable backup if your primary weapon runs out of ammo or malfunctions during intense battles.
  • Weapons like shotguns or submachine guns excel in close-quarter combat, giving you the firepower needed for short-range encounters.
  • With a secondary weapon, you can also perform quick draws and switch between firearms swiftly.
  • You can specialize it for specific roles or playstyles, enhancing your effectiveness in various battlefield situations.
  • Moreover, it enables you to employ diverse tactics and strategies, from flanking maneuvers to defensive positions.
  • Carrying a secondary weapon effectively doubles your firepower, allowing you to engage multiple targets simultaneously.
  • It offers strategic flexibility, letting you adapt to evolving battlefield conditions, mission objectives, and enemy encounters.
  • Certain secondary weapons provide valuable support to your team, offering suppressive fire, crowd control, or utility functions like healing or reviving teammates.
  • Hence, you can customize and upgrade it which provides options for enhancing damage, accuracy, or magazine capacity.

Changing The Secondary Weapon

Here is how you can change your secondary weapon in Helldivers 2:

1. Begin by accessing the loadout screen, where you can customize your equipment before embarking on a mission.

2. Within the loadout screen, navigate to the Armory section. There, you can view and modify your primary and secondary weapons, as well as other gear like grenades and armor.

3. Once in the Armory, locate the section dedicated to secondary weapons. There, you’ll see all the secondary weapons you’ve unlocked and currently possess.

4. Browse through the available secondary weapons and choose the one you want to equip for your next mission.

5. Consider factors such as weapon type, damage output, and suitability for the mission objectives.

offers additional firepower and flexibility
The secondary weapon offers additional firepower and flexibility during missions.

6. After selecting a new secondary weapon, confirm your choice to equip it for the upcoming mission.

7. Once you’ve finalized your loadout, save your changes to ensure they’re applied when you deploy on the mission.

8. With your new secondary weapon selected and saved in your loadout, you’re ready to deploy on the mission.

9. As you progress through the mission, evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen secondary weapon and be prepared to adapt your tactics accordingly.

10. If necessary, you can switch back to your previous secondary weapon during subsequent loadout changes.

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