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Helldivers 2 Purple Question Mark: Map Bug And Stratagem Glitch

Helldivers 2 is encountering new bugs during gameplay like the new question mark bug with its increasing popularity

This weapon bug can occur to any player as soon as they drop on the map.

Moreover, it provides an unfair advantage to players by disabling their weapons and enabling unlimited stratagems.

Continue reading this article to learn about the new question mark bug in Helldivers 2.

Purple Question Mark Bug In Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 players have faced lots of weapon and ammunition-related bugs during the game.

The Question Mark Bug is one of the newly discovered weapons bugs that disable weapons.

Initially, the question mark looks like a visual bug, replacing the player’s weapons with a question mark.

Purple question mark bug helldivers 2
An in-game appearance of the purple question mark glitch in Helldivers 2.

However, players reported that they could not wield primary and secondary weapons due to this bug.

This caused players towards needless defeats as they could only run around on the map.

Soon enough, players started experimenting with this bug and found out about the in-game stratagems exploit.

Players who implement this exploit get access to unlimited stratagems with no cooldown.

Therefore, players started to purposefully seek this glitch as they could just spam stratagems for easy victory.

How To Activate And Use The Question Mark Bug In Helldivers 2?

  1. Because of its competitive advantage, players want to learn how to trigger the question mark bug.
  2. Players can follow these few steps to trigger this bug during their gameplay:
  3. Players must head inside their spaceship and attempt to drop on the map.
  4. They must drop on the map which has a chance to trigger the question mark bug.
  5. The bug is triggered if a player’s gun display is replaced with some question marks.
multiple stratagems using the bug
The question mark glitch enables unlimited stratagems in Helldivers 2.
  1. Once active, they can infinitely use their Stratagems with no cooldown during the game. 

If the bug does not trigger, players must re-attempt the entire process from their spaceship.

How To Fix The Purple Question Mark Bug?

Since this is an occasional bug, the Helldivers 2 community started to seek answers to fix this bug.

Here are some of the quick fixes that can help players to overcome this bug in the game:

  • Restarting the game and entering another match fixes this bug temporarily.
  • Some players reported that changing their in-game title fixed this issue for them.
  • Swapping the guns with a ground weapon instantly fixes the question mark display issue.
  • Players can also go to the ‘Armory‘ terminal and select their weapons again to replace question marks with guns.
  • Go to the menu and try changing the weapon loadout for a possible fix to this glitch.

However, players must note that these are only temporary fixes, meaning they might occur again.

Therefore, they must wait until the developers fix this glitch in the upcoming patch.

Will Exploiting Purple Question Mark Glitch Get You Banned?

No, the game will not ban players from exploiting the Purple question mark bug.

This is because the game is fairly new, and it is bound to encounter some bugs and glitches.

Hence, popularizing these anomalies helps developers become aware of them to look for a fix.

The devs will try their best to keep the game stable by fixing bugs rather than banning players.

However, players have a limited amount to use these glitches as the developers will fix them in the future.

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