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Explore The Waggoner Farm In Starfield

Waggoner Farm is a place in Starfield, a farm on the moon of Muntara Luna.

The player can find Mikaela, a contact for the Deputized, a Freestar Collective mission.

Players in Starfield’s Deputized assignment must assist Mikaela Waggoner. He is a farmer on Montara Luna’s moon, concerned for her land and life.

This article discusses the Waggoner farm in Starfield, including how to get there.

Introduction To Waggoner Farm In Starfield

In Bethesda’s sci-fi role-playing game Starfield, Waggoner Farm is an essential location.

The player can locate Mikaela, a Deputized quest contact, at a Montara Luna farm.

Waggoner farm starfield
Mikaela Waggoner will greet you once you reach there.

In the Deputized task, the player must snoop around the First, a band of outlaws and rebels, to learn their strategies.

One of the locations where the player can meet Mikaela and obtain guidance from her is Waggoner Farm.

The farm is where the player can find adversaries like robot dogs and raiders and collect things like guns and ammunition.

Waggoner Farm is important because it is a part of the Starfield world that showcases the diversity and richness of the game’s setting and story.

Moreover, it offers the player some choices and challenges that can affect the quest’s outcome and the relationship with Mikaela.

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How To Reach Waggoner Farm?

To get to Waggoner Farm, travel to the Montara Luna moon.

Once you are there, you can find the farm by following the quest marker.

To get to Waggoner Farm in Starfield, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Accept Mikaela’s request for a deputized mission to the First’s base on Muntara Luna. You can board the Mantis and travel to Waggoner Farm using the code she gives you.
  2. Enter the code on the terminal at the Mantis. You will be transported by the Mantis automatically to Waggoner Farm, situated on the other side of the moon.
  3. When you get to Waggoner Farm, you must battle past the ruffians harassing her. You can employ stealth, combat, or diplomacy to deal with them.
  4. Find Mikaela inside the farm. She will be waiting for you in a barn. Talk to her, and she will give you more information and instructions for the next part of the mission.

As a player, you are bound to help Waggoner by defeating ruffians who are bothering her.

To find Ruffians, you must follow the ruffians’ trails. 

Also, you can follow the tracks to a little camp in the canyons.

The thugs will greet you when you get to the camp. Either converse with them or engage them in combat.

If you engage them in battle, you must triumph over them to finish the quest.

Things You Can Find At Waggoner Farm

At Waggoner Farm, you can expect to find some items. Here are some things you can expect to find at Waggoner Farm:

  1. Mikaela Waggoner, the farm’s owner.
  2. A small house with a barn and some fields.
  3. A small pond near the house.
  4. A group of ruffians who are harassing Mikaela.

You will receive some credits if you help Mikaela by completing the “Deputized” quest.

Also, Waggoner Farm may have some other items of interest, like tools for crafting, armor, and weaponry.

However, the ruffians are hostile and will attack you if they see you, so you must be careful.

Waggoner Farm in Starfield is a modest but intriguing place overall.

Moreover, head there to assist Mikaela Waggoner and begin the “Deputized” quest.

At the farm, there may be some other items of interest, but watch out for the thugs bullying Mikaela.

The Bottom Line

Waggoner Farm is a small but essential location in Starfield.

Moreover, it is the starting point for the “Deputized” quest, in which players can help Mikaela Waggoner stop a group of ruffians harassing her.

Also, the farm is an excellent place to find some items of interest, but players should be careful of the ruffians lurking nearby.

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