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How To Decrease Recoil On Guns In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, recoil is one of the main factors that can affect the performance and accuracy of the weapons.

Moreover, the game uses a variety of weapons and stratagems that players can use to customize their loadouts and play styles.

Players can utilize different ways to reduce the recoil effect in Helldivers 2, such as using the Recoiless rifle, the True Reticle, etc.

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What Is Recoil In Helldivers 2?

Recoil is the backward force that a weapon produces when it fires a projectile.

Recoil can cause the aim of the gun to deviate from the intended target, making it harder to hit enemies or avoid friendly fire.

It can also affect the stability and handling of the gun, making it more difficult to control and fire continuously.

Furthermore, Recoil can vary depending on the type, caliber, and fire rate of the gun.

For example, a sniper rifle may have high recoil but a low fire rate, while a submachine gun may have low recoil but a high fire rate.

Recoil can also be influenced by the attachments and modifications of the gun, such as scopes, suppressors, or stocks.

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Ways To Decrease Recoil On Guns In Helldivers 2

There are several ways to decrease recoil on guns in Helldivers 2, depending on the preference and situation of the player.

Some of the possible methods are:

1. Choose A Gun With A Low Recoil

Some guns in Helldivers 2 have inherently low recoil, such as the Stalwart, which is designed for mobility and accuracy.

Other guns, such as the Recoiled Rifle, have a support backpack that reduces the recoil and increases the stability.

You can browse through the Acquisitions section in Ship Management to see the recoil level of each gun.

Ship Management
Go to Ship Management to see the recoil level of each gun.

2. Upgrade Your Gun With Ship Modules

Ship modules are upgrades that you can purchase with samples that you find on the planets.

Furthermore, some of these upgrades can reduce the recoil of your guns.

You can also upgrade other aspects of your gun, such as the magazine to improve its overall performance.

3. Use Stratagems

Stratagems are special abilities that you can call in during missions, such as airstrikes, turrets, mechs, and more.

Some Stratagems can help you reduce the impact of recoil on your movement.

You can unlock and upgrade Stratagems by completing missions, and you can customize your loadout before each mission.

Use stratagems to reduce the recoil.

4. By Using The True Reticle Option

The True Reticle option is a feature that can be enabled or disabled in the game settings.

When enabled, the True Reticle option shows the actual point of impact of the bullets instead of the center of the screen.

This can help the player to adjust their aim and compensate for the recoil more accurately.

However, some players may find the True Reticle option distracting, especially when using weapons with high fire rates.

5. Crouch Or Go Prone When Firing

One of the simplest ways to decrease recoil is to crouch or go prone when firing your gun.

This will increase your stability and reduce the backward force of the gun, allowing you to aim more accurately and fire more rapidly.

However, this also reduces your mobility and makes you a bigger target, so you should only do this when you have good coverage.

Crouch or go prone
Crouch or go prone when firing to reduce the recoil.

Recoilless Rifle In Helldivers 2

One of the guns that you can unlock and use in Helldivers 2 is the Recoilless Rifle.

Furthermore, it is a powerful anti-tank weapon that can penetrate heavy armor and deal massive damage.

Moreover, it is a support weapon, which means that it comes with a support backpack that contains extra ammo and equipment.

Recoilless Rifle
Unlock Recoilless Rifle in Helldivers 2

The support backpack can be carried by you or your teammate, and it can be used to reload the Recoilless Rifle or repair it.

Likewise, the Recoilless Rifle is available from level 5 that players can use in combat.

Similarly, it has a 3-second call time with unlimited uses but also has a 480-second cooldown time.

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