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Exploring The Two Moons In Blasphemous 2

Two Moons is a large area located in the northeast region of the map in the game Blasphemous 2.

You can find many rewards like the 1800 Tears of Atonement and the Pewter Tears rosary bead in the Two Moons.

In the Two Moons, you can navigate laser traps, battle tough bosses like the Bellido Matriarch and the Twin Moons, and earn rewards like the Pewter Tears rosary bead and Tears of Atonement.

In this article, we will discover the Two Moons in Blasphemous 2.

What Is Two Moons in Blasphemous 2?

Two Moons is a large area located in the northeast region of the map in the game Blasphemous 2.

It is one of the main regions that players will explore as they progress through the storyline.

two moons is located in the northeast region
Two Moons is a large area located in the northeast region of the map.

The area has a distinctive blue-green color palette and features floating platforms and laser traps that must be navigated carefully.

Moreover, the Two Moons are home to several challenging enemies, tough boss fights, and valuable rewards for those brave enough to explore its depths.

Where Can You Find The Two Moons In Blasphemous 2?

To reach Two Moons, follow the steps given below:

  1. Players must first reach the Chapel of the Five Doves in the map’s northeast part.
  2. From the Chapel, head to the right until you see the entrance to Two Moons.
  3. You’ll know you’ve found it when the environment changes to the distinctive blue-green hue and the twin moons loom above.
  4. To enter Two Moons, you must climb the ladder next to the prie-dieu altar in the Chapel.
  5. Climb up, and you’ll emerge on a narrow ledge with laser traps ahead.
  6. Dodge through the lasers to reach the main area of Two Moons.
  7. Try luring them one at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.
  8. Stay to the right side of the room to avoid getting shocked by lightning on the left.
  9. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, you’ll be free to explore Two Moons.

Locations In Two Moons

The main area of Two Moons is quite large, with several branching paths to explore.

Here are some key locations and missions:

  1. After clearing the initial room, save at the prie-dieu and proceed right. You’ll find another tough battle before a locked door. Beyond is a prie-dieu for saving.
  2. Climb the rings ahead, taking the right path first. Drop down and defeat all enemies below before returning left to ring the bell. Dash through lasers to kill the far enemy and obtain the Pewter Tears rosary bead.
  3. Return to the previous room and take the left path, battling Bellido’s enemies and more. Exit left and drop right along the wall, then right through a door to find a hidden room with Martyrdom.
  4. Backtrack to the fountain that flips gravity when drunk. Proceed right and down, killing enemies, then returning to the first prie-dieu.
  5. Pray and lower the platform, wall-climbing upright for a prie-dieu with tears. Dodge left through lasers for another altar and tears.
  6. Further progression unlocks the Bellido Matriarch and the Twin Moons’ challenging boss battles. 
two moons map Blasphemous 2
The map of the Two Moons in Blasphemous 2.

Deeper Into Two Moons

The challenges increase as you make your way deeper into Two Moons.

Look to the left from the prie-dieu to see some rings you can jump across, leading to a cherub at the end.

Now, return to lower the ladder switch, then climb right and up through lasers to another prie-dieu.

Continue to climb the left walls to reach the top of the next room, lowering a ladder with Weight of Sin.

Through the new door is an arena with spinning boulder enemies to battle before saving at the prie-dieu.

Similarly, drop down and head lower right, breaking a switch to open a door leading right.

After inverting gravity at the fountain, Battle left and rang the bell in the tall room.

Moreover, quickly climb left platforms and dodge lasers to reach doors, lowering a ladder by breaking a high switch.

Reveal a hidden symbol by breaking the mirror platform, then ring the bell and climb the right walls and ladder to open a door with Weight of Sin.

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Confronting Svsona, Fermosa Fembra In The Two Moons

After opening several shortcuts, climb platforms in the room with the crying girl to reach a fountain with Martyrdom above.

Battle through more enemies right and lower a ladder with a switch.

Correspondingly, clear the room fully before climbing left to hit a cherub with Veredicto.

fight bosses moons
Battle through more enemies right and lower a ladder with a switch.

Invert gravity once more at the left fountain, then climbs platforms right to the final prie-dieu in Two Moons.

Through the mirror below awaits the boss Svsona, Fermosa Fembra.

She flies around, firing lasers and orbs, requiring precise platforming and dodging.

Though challenging, her moves remain consistent – look for platforms under lasers and jump lightning bolts.

Likewise, you can learn her patterns with patience and skill and emerge victorious over this guardian of Two Moons.

Rewards Found In Two Moons

Two Moons contain several valuable rewards for players brave enough to conquer its challenges:

  • 1800 Tears of Atonement can be collected from altars throughout the region.
  • The Pewter Tears rosary bead in the high bell room increases physical resistance.
  • The Sphere Kissed by the Storm bead from the chest above boosts lightning resistance.
  • A Mark of Martyrdom is hidden in the secret room off the main path.

Bosses And Missions Of Two Moons

The main boss encounters in Two Moons are:

  • The Bellido Matriarch: A large, aggressive Bellido that throws fire jars. Weak to lightning.
  • The Twin Moons: This challenging dual boss pits you against representations of the twin celestial bodies. They rain lasers and summon waves of enemies.

Other missions include exploring newly opened areas and battling tough regular enemies like Bellidos.

The advantages of Two Moons include its valuable rewards for completion.

Additionally, the floating platforms and lasers provide some puzzle-like challenges.

Disadvantages are the region’s difficulty, with tanky enemies and punishing bosses.

Navigating platforms and dodging lasers adds to the challenge and risk of falling.

Furthermore, players may find themselves retreading ground after death.

Still, conquering Two Moons is hugely satisfying for dedicated players.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Two Moons presents some of the toughest challenges in Blasphemous 2, those who can overcome its trials will be well-rewarded.

Brave and skilled players won’t miss out on what this beautiful yet dangerous region offers.

Even its most daunting foes and obstacles can be overcome with patience and practice.

Happy Gaming!

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