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A Guide To Earn Christmas Spirit In RS3 Christmas Event

RS3 Christmas Spirit is a unique currency introduced during RuneScape 3’s Christmas events.

Players must take part in various activities throughout the Christmas village to earn Christmas spirit.

In the 2023 RS3 Christmas event, you must earn Christmas Spirit to buy legacy cosmetics like hats, scarves, etc from the Christmas Spirit shop to enhance your character’s look.  To earn the Christmas spirit, complete its snow-bother quest, ice fishing, snowball making, decoration making, etc.

Continue reading to learn how to earn Christmas Spirit in the RS3 2023 Christmas event.

What Is Christmas Spirit In RS3?

The Christmas spirit is the in-game currency that you can earn through various activities in the Christmas Village.

You must participate in events like crafting decorations, ice fishing, and snowball making to earn the Christmas spirit.

In addition, you can earn a quick 100 Christmas spirit with the help of Snow implings.

Christmas spirit shop
Christmas Spirit shop to buy legacy cosmetics.

Christmas spirit plays a crucial role during the Christmas events as it opens the door to the Christmas Spirit shop.

Furthermore, you can get festive rewards and cosmetics in the Christmas Spirit Shop.

You can buy legacy cosmetics, legacy pets, legacy emotes, etc with Christmas spirit in the Christmas spirit shop.

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How To Earn Christmas Spirit In RS3 Christmas Event?

You can earn Christmas spirits by participating in the Christmas event quest called IT’s Snow Bother.

Furthermore, this quest is free to play and will engage you in festive activities within the Christmas village.

1. Complete Its Snow Bother Quest

In this quest, you must decorate Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador.

When you complete this set of tasks you will get the Christmas Spirit.

You can earn 2000 Christmas spirit after completing the Is Snow Bother quest.

After completing the quest you can have access to Santa’s letter system.

2. Perform Task In The Christmas Skilling Hub

To earn more Christmas spirit you must explore the Christmas Skilling Hub, which contains various skilling stations.

In this hub, you must perform tasks like decoration making, ice fishing, and snowball making to earn the Christmas spirit.

ice fishing
Earn the Christmas spirit per hour with ice fishing.

Furthermore, the snowball-making activity will give you at least 2000 Christmas spirit per hour.

snowball making
Performing the snowball making in the Christmas skilling hub.

The ice fishing activity will give you comparatively more Christman spirit per hour than snowball making.

Additionally, if you are level 99 you can get 3150 Christmas spirit per hour without any boost.

creating decorations
Earning the Christmas spirit by creating the decorations.

The fastest way to earn Christmas spirit per hour is by creating decorations.

Similarly, you can earn up to 3600 Christmas spirit per hour by creating decorations during this event.

3. Catch Snow Implings To Get Christmas Spirit

The other way to obtain more Christmas spirit during this 2023 Christmas event is by catching snow implings.

If you are able to catch snow implings you can gain a quick boots of 100 Christmas Spirit per impling.

Hence, you can find the implings throughout the Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador in Christmas Village.

4. Obtain Three Letters To Earn Christmas Spirit

During the 2023 Christmas event, you can access the Santa’s Letter System to get more challenges.

You can obtain three letters daily by completing challenges, speaking to Clementine, and participating in event activities.

Thus, after collecting the three letters you can hand them in at Santa’s Lodge to earn Nice points and Christmas Spirit.

How To Use Your Christmas Spirit?

To use your Christmas spirit visit the Christmas Spirt Shop.

Furthermore, the Christmas spirit shop is run by Holly and is a hub for festive shopping.

You can spend your Christmas spirit on exclusive cosmetic items in the shop like hats, scarves, etc.

Besides, you can also customize a new accessory by collecting six scarves and hats and combing them.

recolor hats
Choose the color from Color Customiser to change the character’s look.

The interesting part is you can recolor the scarf or hat to your liking so that your character’s look can stand out.

But to do that you need to collect all six of the hats and scarves.

You can get two of the hats and scarves from Santa’s Lodge, one from Blue Present, and one from the Advent Calendar.

The fifth one can be bought from the Spirit shop and the sixth one is already with you.

The Bottom Line

In RS3, you can use the Christmas Spirit to participate in the Secret Santa system.

Hence, you can donate coins to the event and receive titles and rewards.

So, gear up, RuneScapers, and get ready to unwrap the magic of the Christmas Event 2023.

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