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How To Connect API In Horde AI?

Horde AI is a platform that provides an API for generating images using AI models.

Furthermore, the Horde AI API allows users to request, check, and fetch image generations, a crowdsourced distributed cluster of inference workers. It also provides a dry_run option to estimate the kudos cost for an image and a horde tax to cover the infrastructure costs.

Furthermore, you can use the API with different clients, interfaces, and languages.

This article will explore using Horde AI to create stunning AI art with minimal coding and GPU power.

How To Get Horde AI API?

Horde AI is a crowdsourced distributed cluster for AI art and image generation.

It allows people without a powerful GPU to use Stable Diffusion or Large Language Models by relying on spare resources provided by the community.

Introduction to Horde AI
Horde AI is a crowdsourced distributed cluster for image generation.

Furthermore, you will need an API to access Horde AI and its features.

You have to register an account, and you will get an API after successfully registering your account.

First, you must submit your username, and a unique API will be automatically generated.

getting an API key
You must register your name to get the API key.

In addition, beware if you get redirected to a paid or ad-based client because Horde AI is an entirely volunteer-run service.

You can always generate images for free without the need to pay.

How To Connect API And Create Images From Horde AI?

Depending on your client or interface, there are different ways to connect to the API and create images.

You can use a client interface to generate images that require no installation and no technical expertise.

Furthermore, you can also use other Web UIs which require even fewer requirements.

However, if you want to use the authentic Horde AI, follow the instructions to install and connect to the API.

  1. Download the zip version of Horde AI and extract it to any folder.
  2. Go to the main Horde file and run the “update-runtime” script to ensure current dependencies.
running update-runtime script
The “update-runtime” script will run in the command prompt.
  1. Now run the “bridge-webui” script. It will show an URL, which will open Horde AI.
  2. Enter your name and the API key.
Horde AI
You must enter the API key to start generating images.

Furthermore, you can run the “horde-bridge” script, but it will require a powerful GPU with at least 6G VRAM.

However, if you want a lightweight Horde AI worker with a CPU, you can try running the “horde-alchemist_bridge” script.

In addition, you can also use the mobile apps of Horde AI, which are available both for iOS and Android.

Here is an example of Horde AI generating images.

Images generated by Horde AI
A horde of cute blue robots generated by Horde AI.

You can configure the dimensions of the images and the number of images to generate from the prompts.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to generate realistic photos or abstract paintings, the Horde AI API can help you achieve your creative goals.

If you want to try out the Horde AI API, register an account in Horde AI, and you will get an API Key.

Furthermore, you can also choose the client or interface that suits your system and your preference.

Have fun, and let me know what you create!

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