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How To Find The Mysterious Ship In Starfield?

Starfield Mysterious Ship is a side mission in the Starfield video game.

Moreover, the Mysterious Ship is one of the many mysteries players can uncover in Starfield.

The true adventure starts when you board the “Mysterious Ship” and learn that the ship’s AI has just killed someone. The “Mysterious Ship” is being attacked by an Ecliptic Mercenary.

This article discusses the mysterious ship in Starfield and how to interact with it.

Introduction To Starfield Mysterious Ship

Starfield Mysterious Ship is related to Juno’s Gambit, a side mission in Starfield.

The mission’s objective is to come across a weird ship that has been wandering through space for 200 years without touching the outside world.

The vessel crew, known as Earth Colony Ship Constant, comprises people who evacuated Earth before the Collapse.

It was a catastrophic occurrence that wiped off civilization.

The ship asserts exclusive rights to the planet Porrima II, home to the opulent Paradiso resort.

mysterious ship starfield
Paradiso Resort is a vast hotel situated in Porremo II.

Moreover, it would be best to choose how to handle the disagreement between the resort and the ship.

Also, you’ll need to decide whether to assist or obstruct the ship’s crew.

You can choose from three options: resettle the crew on Paradiso, buy them a grav drive to find another planet, or destroy the ship.

Each option has different consequences and rewards.

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Find And Interact With The Mysterious Ship In Starfield

To find and interact with the mysterious ship in Starfield, you need to follow a series of activities meticulously.

You must first possess a spaceship capable of interplanetary travel.

One is available in the Starfield Spaceport located on Earth.

There are various spaceship models available, each with unique features and costs. Your starship can be upgraded and accessorized in many ways.

Secondly, you must visit the planet Porrima II, which is the location of the enigmatic ship.

Porrima system is one of the star systems in the game that you can explore, where you can find Porrima II.

You can calculate a course to Porrima II using the navigation system of your spaceship and then turn on your grav drive to travel at the speed of light.

There may be dangers or foes along the road, so be ready for combat or avoidance.

Furthermore, check for any irregularities in Porrima II’s orbit thirdly.

Moreover, you can check for any unusual signals or objects using the scanner on your spaceship.

You should be able to locate a sizable ship sending out a distress call, a mysterious spacecraft called the Earth Colony spacecraft Constant you are seeking.

You can approach the ship and use your communicator to hail it.

So, you should be able to locate and communicate with the mysterious ship in Starfield using the techniques mentioned above.

Then, you can choose whether to assist or obstruct the ship’s crew in resolving the dispute between it and the resort on Porrima II.

Your decisions will have many results and benefits, as well as an impact on your standing and connections to other factions in the game.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, you can find a mysterious ship that left Earth 200 years ago.

The ship could be an ancient alien vessel, a ship from another dimension, or simply a derelict vessel abandoned by its crew.

Moreover, the ship wants to claim a planet where a resort exists. You can help or hinder the ship’s crew with different outcomes.

Additionally, Starfield’s mysterious ship could explore the possibility that the ship is evidence of advanced alien civilizations.

So, explore deep in the game, hunt for the mysterious ship, and grab the thrilling adventure of the mission.

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