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Warframe Grimoire Overframe Complete Guide

Warframe comes up with regular updates and provides its players with various types of special weapons.

Similarly, Warframe has recently released a new weapon called the Grimoire Overframe.

The Grimoire Overframe is a recently released powerful weapon in Warframe that players can obtain during the Whispers in the Walls Quest. To purchase the Grimoire weapons player should reach the scholar rank in this game.

Continue reading this article to discover more about the specialty of Grimoire Overframe in Warframe.

What Is Grimoire Overframe In Warframe?

The Grimoire Overframe is a recently added weapon in the Warframe that has got every player’s attention.

During The Whispers in the Walls Quest, players can obtain this weapon at Max rank with a free weapon slot.

Additionally, players will also receive pre-installed Orokin Catalysts along with this weapon.

Grimoire Overframe’s unique secondary weapon can cast bolts of electricity to nearby enemies.

Further, its alternate fire can throw a large voltaic orb that slowly travels forward and electrocutes enemies in its path.

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Grimoire Overframe Best Build Guide 

The Grimoire Overframe weapon is difficult to manage for most players due to its electric bolt-casting power.

Further, this weapon does not have many stats at the origin.

Players may think this weapon is weak at first because of its lower stats in the beginning.

Warframe Grimoire Overframe Build
Upgrading Warframe Grimoire Overframe weapon.

However, whenever players get these weapons, they can take massive damage to the enemies by using the best spell and build.

Primary Build Mods

These are all the available build modifications that players can utilize with the Grimoire weapon’s power.

  • Galvanized Diffusion (Maxed) – 110% Multishot on kill, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Jolt (Maxed) – 60% Electricity Damage, 60% Status.
  • Pistol Pestilence (Unranked) – Adds Toxin Damage and Status.
  • Lethal Torrent (Maxed) – 60% Fire Rate, 60% Multishot.
  • Magnum Force (Maxed) – 165% Damage with an accuracy decrease.
  • Hornet Strike (Maxed) – Increases overall damage.

Players can follow certain strategies and tips to increase the damage to enemies while using this weapon.

Further, players can focus on building skills using Grimoire Overframe.

Combining the elemental damage types like Electricity, Toxin, and Heat helps in diversifying damage to enemies.

Likewise, to maximize multishot upon kills players can use Galvanized Diffusions.

Using Flare Arcane provides the players heat-based elemental damage which will increase the damage potential.

Players Perspective About Grimoire Overframe 

There are lots of players saying that this weapon type is trash and even the Stug is more powerful than this weapon.

The Stug is an automatic Grineer pistol that is able to fire Corrosive blobs that will stick to surfaces and explode.

As compared to the Stug the new Grimoire Overframe weapon is great and deals heavy damage to enemies.

If players see Steel Path Acolytes despawning in the mission, then they will know that the Grimoire Overframe weapon is very special.

Grimoire Overframe Stats
Grimoire Overframe weapon Stats in Warframe.

Additionally, with the help of the blueprint more copies of this weapon can be built if necessary.

Players can also buy the blueprint, which is sold by a new Cavia vendor named Bird 3 of 50,000 Standing.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Warframe has always provided its players access to new builds and weapons every year.

With regular practice, this weapon can be a powerful and best choice for many players who love playing this game.

As players get better with Grimoire Overframe in Warframe, this weapon might become a cool addition to them.

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