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How To Use Compose AI? [Beginners Guide]

Compose AI is a Chrome extension that helps you finish your sentences.

It improves writing speed by roughly 40% and has several appealing features that may entice you to use it.

Compose AI uses AI-powered autocompletion to finish your sentences and generate text. You can use it on various websites using a versatile tool for various tasks such as summarization, content generation, composing email etc.

Continue reading to learn about Compose AI, its features and a guide to use it properly.

What Is Compose AI?

Compose AI is a Chrome extension tool that aims to increase writing speed and productivity.

It relieves you of mundane, repetitive tasks and allows you to focus on being more creative.

Additionally, the AI learns your speech over time to give you tailored word suggestions. 

Let’s dive deeper into its features and limitations.

Features Of Compose AI

Various features make this AI tempting; some of them are listed below;

  1. It provides autocomplete suggestions for your sentences based on what the AI learns about your vocabulary.
  2. It provides suggestions to rephrase your sentences to avoid redundancy.
  3. It can write an email to you based on limited instructions or prompts and generates professional emails.
  4. Additionally, you can also use AI to reply to emails professionally.
  5. Moreover, the AI is also aware of the context which helps you use it in different projects.

How To Install Compose AI?

To use Compose AI, you need to install the extension first. Follow these instructions to install the extension;

  1. Find the Compose AI extension on Chrome’s web store.
install Compose AI chrome extension
Install Compose AI Chrome extension.
  1. Then, add the extension to your browser.
Adding the extension to the browser
Adding the extension to the browser

How To Use Compose AI?

You can use Compose AI for various tasks. Follow the instructions to perform each feature:

1. Generate Text

First, enter “//” onto the document to generate text on Compose AI.

Then, the AI will allow you to write your prompt or question. Additionally, you can change the expected length of the answer.

generate text Compose AI
Enter the prompt to generate an answer.

Consequently, you will receive an answer in the length that you asked the AI to generate.

compose AI generate text
You can choose the desired length for your text.

2. Write An Email

To write an email in Compose AI, simply open your email. Then look for a blue dot at the bottom-right of your screen and click on the dot.

Clicking the blue dot 
You can write an email on your desired length.

This AI will give you a box to write your prompt for the email. However, you need to be very precise with your instructions.

Entering a prompt
Enter a Prompt to write email in AI.

Furthermore, you can choose between the multiple script options provided by the AI for your email.

how to use Compose AI
You can choose between the multiple script options.

3. Reply To An Email 

It’s pretty easy to reply to an email via Compose AI. Simply open the email you want to reply to.

Then, choose the type of reply depending on what type of response you want to send.

Choosing the kind of response
Choose the kind of response before composing the reply email.

Consequently, the AI will provide you with the appropriate reply.

Compose AI use
It will write an appropriate email.

The Bottom Line

Compose AI generates edits and completes sentences for the user.

Therefore, it is similar in its functions to the more popular ChatGPT, as it produces content based on prompts.

However, you can use many alternatives to ChatGPT if you don’t find this extension satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Compose AI Cost?

The extension is totally free to use and download. However, some extra features come with a premium account with some extra features.

Who Are Compose AI’s Founders?

The official founders of the AI are Kevin Li (Co-Founder), LiHsin Chen (Co-Founder), and Wei-Ning Huang (Co-Founder).

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