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How To Use Midjourney AI For Free? An Ultimate Guide

Midjourney AI is a small, self-funded team that is turning the imagination power of humans into realistic images.

The open beta version of Midjourney AI was launched on July 12, 2022, and it is accessible to all users around the globe.

You can use Midjourney AI by creating a Discord account, then look for the “newbies-#” channel in Midjourney’s official server and create images using the “/imagine” Command. You can also upscale or create image variations and save the generated image on your device.

But can we use Midjourney AI for free?

Continue reading to learn if you can use Midjourney AI for free and how to create desired images through prompts.

What Is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney AI is an independent research lab launched by San Franciso-based Company called Midjourney, Inc.

It is an AI art generator that converts your text descriptions called “Prompts” into realistic images, similar to Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

Introduction of Midjourney AI
Midjourney AI is an AI art generator that converts your text descriptions into realistic images.

However, unlike Stable diffusion and DALL-E, you can’t use Midjourney AI on your computer as a web app; you will need the Discord App to access it.

Furthermore, the new V5 version of Midjourney AI was launched on March 15, 2023.

Midjourney V5 works on a neural network architecture and has excellent tools to create hyperrealistic images.

V5 edition of the Midjourney AI
The Midjourney V5 version can create hyperrealistic images.

You must provide crystal-clear prompts like lightning, aesthetics and mood of images to acquire the desired output images from the AI.

However, Midjourney AI is still upgrading its capabilities and AI generator tools.

Therefore, sometimes it might produce inaccurate images that do not meet the user’s requirements.

How Can You Use Midjourney AI?

Midjourney AI is best known for creating images by analyzing images in its database.

You can follow the steps below to use the Midjourney AI.

1. Join The Discord

Go to and click “Join the Beta.

Joining the Beta version of Midjourney AI
Joining the Beta version of Midjourney AI

2. Find A Newbies Channel

After joining Discord, select any “newbies-#” channel on the official Midjourney server.

how to Midjourney AI for free
Newbies Channel of Midjourney AI in the Discord app.
Note: You can also generate images with Midjourney Bot on other servers after you invite the bot to the server.

3. Use The “/imagine” Command

Now you can use the command “/imagine” or “/imagine prompt:” to interact with the Midjourney Bot.

You can type the description of the image you want to create in the prompt section.

Use the "/imagine" command
Use the “/imagine” command to create images on Midjourney.

Then, click enter and agree to the Terms of Service(TOS) to generate the image.

4. Wait For The Image To Process

As shown below, the Midjourney AI will take some time to generate the image.

Images will take some time to get processed.
Images will take some time to get processed. (Source: The Midjourney AI)

Therefore, wait patiently for the image to generate, or use the “/info” command to check your remaining time.

5. Upscale Or Create Variations

The images will generate in a grid form with two rows of buttons, as shown in the image below.

how to use Midjourney AI for free
You can upscale or create variations on Midjourney Bot. (Source: The Midjourney AI)

The U button upscales your selected image, generating a larger image with more details.

And the V button creates images with slight variations from the previous images.

Furthermore, the 🔄(re-roll) button produces a new grid of images.

6. Save Your Image

You can save your image by opening it to its full size, right-clicking on it, and choosing “Save image.

If you are using a mobile device, long tap on the image and tap the download icon to save the image.

Additionally, all the images are saved in the “”

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Can You Use Midjourney AI For Free?

Unfortunately, Midjourney AI halted the free access to its user on March 30, 2023.

Before the halt, users were provided with 25 free images, and now, you will need to pay for a subscription to generate any images.

how to use Midjourney AI for free
The Midjourney costs range from $8 to $48, according to the subscription plan you want.

The halt to free image generation was due to the extreme demand of the new users.

Furthermore, in an email to The Verge, CEO David Holz states that the halt is because of users making throwaway accounts to generate free images.

The free trial is not available in Midjourney AI
You need to take a subscription to use Midjourney.

Additionally, the cause of the halt links to the creation of fake images of Donald Trump being arrested and the Pope wearing a stylish jacket.

Midjourney created fake images
Midjourney created fake images of Donald Trump being arrested.

However, Holz notes that the free trial does not have access to the V5 version of Midjourney, which is thought to be used for making those fake images.

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Create Desired Images Through Prompts On Midjourney

You should know how to provide appropriate prompts to Midjourney AI to create images according to your requirements.

Therefore, learning about the structure and details of prompting can be helpful.

1. Structure Of Prompts

Advanced prompts consist of image prompts or URLs(Uniform Resource Locator), text phrases and one or more parameters.

Structure of prompts
The structure of the prompts in Midjourney AI (Source: The Midjourney AI)

The Image Prompts section consists of the image or the URL of the image, and we place it at the front of the prompt.

Following the image prompt, we need a text description of the image you want to generate.

After the text prompt, we can also place parameters that can change the aspect ratios, models, upscale, etc.

2. Prompting Ideas

While providing prompts to the AI, we should consider some notes about prompting to get our desired images.

Prompt Length

The length of the prompt will affect image generation in the Midjourney AI.

If you provide a very short prompt, it will provide its default style image, and very long prompts are also not better.

Therefore, keep your prompt descriptive and focus on the main concepts.


The AI does not understand the grammar and sentence structure, but providing more descriptive synonyms and fewer words can be helpful.

It would be best to consider using commas, brackets, and hyphens to organize your prompts.

3. Focus On What You Want

If you ask the Midjourney bot for an image with “no trees,” it will include trees.

Therefore, you need to focus on what you want in the images rather than what you don’t.

Additionally, you can use the advance prompt “- no parameter” to remove what you don’t want.

4. Details Matter

Anything you leave out unsaid in the prompt will be randomized, so get into the specific details you want in the images.

Details in the images can be subject, medium(photo, painting, sculpture), environment, lighting, color, mood and composition (portrait, birds-eye view).

The Bottom Line

The Midjourney AI is an eye-catching tool for creating hyper-realistic images through text prompts.

It is easy to access and requires a Discord account to create images inside the app using the “/imagine” prompt.

However, its free trial of 25 image generation has been stopped, so you must pay for the subscription fees.

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