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ATT SOS Only iPhone: Telecommunication Outage Possible Troubleshoots

Are you experiencing your iPhone unexpectedly entering SOS mode? ATT SOS Only on iPhone has been raising the eyebrows of many.

Numerous reports on social media platforms from various locations in the United States suggest that AT&T is facing an outage.

However, SOS mode only constitutes that your cellular network is down and doesn’t indicate any National Emergency warnings.

Read more to find out Why the iPhone is currently facing the issue and how long will it take to fix it.

What Does SOS Mode Mean On iPhone In ATT?

If your iPhone shows ‘SOS Only’ or ‘SOS’, it means that it’s out of your network carrier’s coverage.

Additionally, you will not be able to make/receive calls, send texts, or access the internet during this.

When you see SOS Mode enabled on your phone, you can only make emergency calls to numbers like 911 in the United States.

This feature is enabled in SOS Mode to ensure that you are fine even if you are in a place where your network carrier’s coverage hasn’t reached.

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SOS Only: Why Is My iPhone Saying This?

Your phone displays the message because it’s out of range of your network carrier’s coverage.

AT&T service providers are currently facing a national outage of their network service, which is triggering the iPhones into a no-service.

att sos only iphone
SOS Only Mode on an iPhone since AT&T outage.

However, SOS Mode doesn’t mean there’s an emergency or there is a need for panic.

These are server-related issues and have occurred in the past as well, with AT&T fixing the issue within an hour or so.

How To Fix My iPhone Into Working Again In ATT? 

Sometimes even after the server related issue is fixed, your phone could still be acting weird and not work properly.

Since the SOS Only issue is caused by the server end of AT&T, there’s very little to what we can do to ensure the fix.

However, you can follow the steps below to ensure AT&T has already fixed the issue and your phone isn’t still affected.

1. Strong Service Connection

Go to the place where you can find a better cellular connection.

Some places generally have bad cellular connections even inside your house, for example, your basement or subway stations.

2. Airplane Mode

Try switching your iPhone to airplane mode and again turn off the airplane mode.

By doing this, your iPhone will automatically try to connect to your cellular network provider’s server.

3. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your phone may sound simple yet it is very efficient sometimes.

Your iPhone will automatically reset the whole phone’s connection and will try to again connect with your service providers.

4. Contact AT&T Customer Care

You can always contact your network provider and see to the issue yourself.

You can either give them a call or head on over to AT&T’s website to have a chat yourself.

If either doesn’t work, you can have a chat with the community on the forum to know what others are doing during the tough hour.

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