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How To Use Pokemon Go Plus Plus?

Pokemon Go Plus Plus is a new gadget that connects to Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sleep!

The Pokémon GO Plus Plus associates with Pokémon GO, just like the Pokémon GO Plus or Poké Ball Plus devices.

Also, it allows you to play the game without constantly checking your smart device’s screen.

Using Pokemon Go Plus Plus is pretty simple. It can automatically throw Poké Balls for you, allowing you to capture Pokémon even when it’s tucked away in your luggage. Moreover, you can now use Great Balls and Ultra Balls in addition to automatically spinning PokéStops and throwing Poké Balls.

In this article, you will learn about what Pokemon Plus Plus is, what its features are, and how to use Pokemon Plus Plus.

What Is Pokemon Plus Plus?

With the new Pokémon Go Plus+, you can catch creatures, schedule visits to PokéStops, and get better sleep. 

During the Pokémon Day presentation a few months ago, the Pokéball-shaped device was unveiled.

Hence, the quick answer is that it’s an improved version of the original Pokémon Go Plus with extra functionality.

Additionally, users can utilize it with the future Pokémon Sleep app if they’re wondering what it is and why it looks so familiar.

The Pokémon Go Plus+ is a gadget that requires Bluetooth pairing with mobile phones.

By doing this, it can communicate with the Pokémon GO app.

Moreover, it will automatically catch Pokémon that are nearby and spin PokéStops that you go by.

The new device lets you choose to use Great and Ultra Balls by pressing the giant button.

However, the original device’s automatic use of only regular Pokéballs.

This would simplify playing the game rather than merely launching the app and actively looking for Pokémon.

Additionally, it will give gadget owners access to a restricted Special Research quest.

This will direct you toward specific goals, eventually leading to a run-in with a unique Snorlax variation wearing a nightcap as a brief crossover with the upcoming Pokémon Sleep.

Features Of Pokemon Go Plus Plus

With the Bluetooth device Pokémon GO Plus Plus, you can play Pokémon GO without constantly looking at your smartphone’s screen.

Here are some features of Pokemon Go Plus Plus;

Catch PokemonWith the Pokémon GO Plus Plus, you can capture nearby Pokémon.
Track Your SleepYou can monitor your sleep with the Pokémon GO Plus Plus.
Spin PokéStopsPokéStops can be spun using the Pokémon GO Plus Plus as well.
Receive notificationsThe game can send you notifications, such as those regarding new Pokémon or PokéStops.
Play mini-gamesYou can play a few minigames on the Pokémon GO Plus Plus.

How To Use Pokemon Go Plus Plus?

On July 14, 2023, Pokemon Go Plus Plus was made available.

However, this only pertains to North America; later this year, it will also be released in Europe.

The following are the procedures for using Pokémon GO Plus Plus:

1. Pair With Your Phone

You must download the Pokémon GO app and register an account before you can do this.

Use Pokemon Go Plus Plus
You can create an account with your existing email ID.

After creating an account, you can open the app and navigate to the Settings section.

Pick “Pokémon GO Plus Plus” from the menu, then adhere to the prompts on the screen.

2. Charge The Device

A coin cell battery powers the Pokémon GO Plus Plus. With regular use, the battery should last for roughly three months.

You must take the battery from the device and charge it in a charger.

3. Catch Pokémon And Spin PokéStops With Your Device

The Pokémon GO Plus Plus will vibrate and flash when you are close to a Pokémon or a PokéStop.

After that, you can try to catch the Pokémon or spin the PokéStop by pressing the device’s button.

4. Change The Device Setting

In the Pokémon GO app, you can modify the Pokémon GO Plus Plus’s settings.

You can decide, for instance, whether you want the gadget to vibrate when it finds a Pokémon or a PokéStop.

Use Pokemon Go Plus Plus
You choose whether you want notifications from the app.

Additional Tips To Use Pokemon Go Plus Plus

  • Maintain The Gadget Close To Your Smartphone: The Pokémon GO Plus Plus uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone. However, the device won’t be able to connect to your smartphone if it is too far away.
  • Utilize The Device In A Peaceful Setting: The gadget might be unable to find Pokémon or PokéStops if you’re in a noisy setting.
  • Do Not Rush: Using the Pokémon GO Plus Plus is not always correct. Even if they are close by, they may occasionally be unable to detect Pokémon or PokéStops.

The Bottom Line

The Pokémon GO Plus Plus is a great way to stay connected to the game even when you cannot play actively.

Also, The gadget pairs with any smartphone with Pokémon GO software and is simple.

Therefore, it’s a terrific idea to use the Pokémon GO Plus Plus to extend the life of your smartphone’s battery.

The Pokémon GO Plus Plus also has a few other features, such as the ability to play mini-games and receive notifications from the game.

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