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How To Perform Infernal Transportation Ritual In BG3?

The Infernal Transportation Ritual is a quest that involves opening a portal to a hellish plane of Avernus, where the devil Raphael awaits in BG3.

It’s a spell that allows characters to travel to different locations using infernal magic.

The Infernal Transportation Ritual in BG3 is a ritual that allows you to travel to the infernal realm of Avernus. However, infernal transportation is not a decision to be taken lightly, and the players should weigh the risks and rewards carefully before attempting it.

This article will examine the Infernal Transportation Ritual in BG3, including how to perform it in the game.

Introduction To Infernal Transportation In BG3

The Infernal Transportation Ritual is a quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, which involves traveling to a hellish dimension, Avernus.

Furthermore, the player must find a way to free a mysterious woman named Hope from the clutches of a devil named Raphael.

The quest is triggered by finding a note from Helsik, a tiefling merchant who offers to sell the player a portal to Avernus for a hefty price.

Infernal transportation ritual
Helsik is a diabolist who assists you in going to Avernus.

However, the player can either accept or decline the offer, but either way, they will eventually end up in Raphael’s domain, the House of Hope.

Moreover, the House of Hope is a perverse mansion full of traps, riddles, mysteries, and foes.

To free Hope from her prison, the player must search the home for the Orphic Hammer, a potent item.

Additionally, the player will come across various characters along the way.

One of these characters is the Archivist, a paranoid librarian who guards the hammer.

Similarly, another character is Haarlep, an incubus who tempts the player with rewards and pleasures.

Raphael will try to convince the player to bargain with him in exchange for their soul.

Therefore, the player will also have to deal with him.

How To Perform Infernal Transportation Ritual In BG3?

The Infernal Transportation Ritual is a way to travel to a hellish dimension called Avernus.

To perform the ritual, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Find Helsik’s Note

Helsik is a tiefling merchant who sells various items in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate.

Also, he offers to sell you a portal to Avernus for 500 gold pieces.

You can find his note in his shop, which is located near the entrance of the Devil’s Fee district.

Moreover, the note contains instructions on performing the ritual and a list of needed items.

2. Gather The Ritual Items

According to the note, the following items are the necessary items to perform the Infernal Transportation Ritual:

  • A skull
  • A piece of infernal parchment
  • A black candle
  • A vial of blood
  • A pinch of sulfur
  • A drop of water

3. Go To The Ritual Site

The note also specifies the location of the ritual site, which is a hidden chamber in the sewers beneath the Lower City.

However, to access the chamber, you must find a secret passage in the sewers marked by a red pentagram.

The passage is located near the entrance of the Undercellar district.

In addition, you will need to solve a puzzle with levers and pipes to open the door to the chamber.

4. Perform The Infernal Transportation Ritual

Once you enter the chamber, you will see a large circular platform with five pedestals and a portal device in the center.

After that, you must place the ritual items on the pedestals in a specific order to activate the portal.

The order is as follows:

  • Place the skull on the left pedestal
  • Place the pouch of infernal dust on the right pedestal
  • Place the vial of blood on the front pedestal
  • Place the candle on the back pedestal
  • Leave the middle pedestal empty
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Risks Of The Infernal Transportation Ritual

In the universe of Baldur’s Gate 3, the Infernal Transportation Ritual is a hazardous means to get to Avernus, the first layer of Hell.

The following are just a few of the risks and repercussions of carrying out this ritual:

  • Being duped by Helsik, the tiefling salesman who sells you the Avernus gateway. He’ll persuade you into letting him through the portal, leaving you in the room. However, to get back to Baldur’s Gate, you must either be unprepared people find another route or follow him.
  • Furthermore, you may be tempted by Haarlep, an incubus residing in the Boudoir. He will offer you pleasures and rewards in exchange for your soul or companions. Therefore, you must resist his charm or face the consequences of your choices.
  • Avernus is a dangerous and hostile environment, full of devils, demons, and other horrors. The players must survive and find a way back to the Material Plane.

The Bottom Line

The Infernal Transportation Ritual is a powerful tool that can be used to travel to Avernus.

However, it is essential to be aware of the risks involved.

Furthermore, the Infernal Transportation Ritual is a gateway to a dangerous and chaotic realm, and unprepared players should not attempt to use it.

So, if you are considering performing this ritual, please carefully weigh the risks and rewards.

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