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Explore The Derelict Bireme In Starfield

Derelict Bireme ships in Starfield are the ones the crew abandoned for specific reasons.

 You will encounter various ships of different classes and types while exploring various planets and space.

In Starfield, you will find derelict ships of various types floating in space, including the derelict Bireme, which was once a cargo vessel and now offers valuable loot opportunities for players.

In this article, we will discuss what the derelict ships are about the derelict Bireme.

Derelict Ships In Starfield

You can find Derelict ships in Starfield floating in space throughout the game’s open world.

The crew of these ships have abandoned them for various reasons, such as mechanical failures.

Moreover, it can be running out of fuel/supplies or being damaged in combat.

You can find valuable loot and resources in many derelict ships that the player can pick over.

Common items you can find on derelicts include crafting materials and salvageable ship parts.

derelict bireme loot
Common items you can find on derelicts include crafting materials and salvageable ship parts.

Sometimes, you can find consumables like food, medical supplies, and rare technological components or artifacts.

You can explore derelict ships by navigating zero-gravity environments and avoiding hazards such as exposed wiring and floating debris.

Avoiding hostile alien creatures that are likely to board the ship since it is not in use anymore is also essential.

You must also oversee your oxygen levels, as derelicts do not provide atmospheric pressure or air.

Locating and scavenging derelict ships is a good way for players in Starfield to acquire helpful gear.

Lastly, players can also sell valuable finds for credits early in the game.

What Is The Derelict Bireme In Starfield?

The derelict Bireme is an abandoned ship that you can find drifting in space in the Starfield universe.

The Bireme was once a working cargo vessel for transporting goods between colonies.

However, the ship likely suffered critical damage at some point, leaving it disabled and drifting endlessly through the void.

When players come across the derelict Bireme, it will appear dark and lifeless, the lights off and systems powered down.

Upon boarding, players will find the interior in disarray, with cargo containers broken open, contents strewn about, and consoles smashed.

They might also get an eerie sense that something terrible happened aboard.

bireme derelict starfield
The Derelict Bireme is an abandoned ship that you can find drifting in space.

If you explore further, clues about the logs or notes left behind will be revealed.

The derelict Bireme also acts as a location where rare salvage, loot, or crafting materials can be scavenged.

However, players should stay on guard as the ship’s zero-gravity interior and lack of life support systems pose dangers.

In addition, the circumstances leading to the Bireme’s dereliction remain unknown, so hostile threats are possible.

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Where Can You Find The Derelict Bireme?

You can find derelict ships randomly drifting in space throughout the Starfield galaxy.

Here are the detailed steps to locate derelict Bireme:

  1. Open your star map by holding down the menu button. This will show you an overview of the current system and nearby systems.
  2. Scan the star map for unidentified signals. These indicate possible derelict ships or other points of interest.
  3. Select an unidentified signal and choose “Jump” to travel there. 
  4. Upon arriving, the derelict Bireme will be waiting, drifting helplessly in space, carefully dock to the ship.
  5. Board the derelict ship and begin exploring its corridors and rooms.
  6. Move slowly and watch out for hazards like radiation leaks or hostile creatures that may have taken up residence.
  7. Thoroughly search the entire derelict from stem to stern.
  8. Find potential loot in hidden compartments, storage lockers, crew quarters, and other areas.
  9. Once satisfied, you’ve exhausted all loot possibilities, undock from the derelict and return to your ship.
derelict ship starfield
Loot the items in the derelict Bireme.

What Can You Loot From Derelict Bireme?

Derelict biremes provide valuable salvage opportunities for scavengers. Some of the top loot includes:

  • Salvage Materials: Raw materials like titanium and aluminum components that are useful for crafting.
  • Ship Parts: Functional parts like engines, shields, and weapons that can be installed or sold.
  • Medical Supplies: Stimpaks, medkits, and other consumables for healing.
  • Technical Blueprints: New schematics for crafting armor, weapons, and ship modules.
  • Weapons: Functional or repairable small arms, heavy weapons, and even melee weapons.
  • Armor: Scavenged sets of light, medium, or heavy armor that can be worn or sold.
  • Miscellaneous Junk: Random junk items that can be broken down or sold for parts at settlements.

The Bottom Line

Derelict ships are a rich source of valuable salvage and lore in the Starfield game.

 Scavenging derelict Bireme can reap huge rewards of credits, gear, and blueprints to further your character’s progress.

In addition, their deserted corridors also tell forgotten stories of those who once crewed them.

For explorers, derelicts are among the most intriguing sites to discover drifting in the galaxy.

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