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Is AI Dungeon Really Safe?

AI Dungeon is a free-to-play multiplayer text-based game that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate content.

Here, the users can create and share their custom adventure settings with other users.

AI Dungeon is a powerful and innovative platform worth exploring as long as users take the time to familiarize themselves with the platform’s policies on data privacy and safety.

The game was first released in the May of 2019. Later that year, an upgraded version was released named AI Dungeon 2.

To Dive more profound into how safe AI Dungeon is for a user, continue reading ahead.

How Safe Is AI Dungeon?

AI is a data-based technology that is constantly learning and improving itself. In that sense, the user data is always vulnerable to mishandling and theft.

ai dungeon main home
AI Dungeon is an online gaming platform.

However, an AI Dungeon is considered relatively safe to use, but like any other platform, one should understand its potential risk.

Risks include the possibility of bumping into inappropriate or offensive content.

Because the game’s content is based on user inputs, it can vary from user to user, and sometimes it might be offensive or harmful.

In the wake of the problem, the platform has taken steps to mitigate the risk by implementing filters blocking particular content types.

Another concern is data privacy, as AI Dungeon collects user data to improve its AI models and provide personalized content.

But the team has confirmed that they do not sell or share user data with any third Party without consent.

Overall, using an AI Dungeon responsibly and taking appropriate measures can be a safe and fun place.

Furthermore, AI Dungeon is inappropriate for children and is rated 17+ in app stores.

It’s because AI moderation is still a work in progress and because of the inherent problems of AI Dungeon’s word association-based procedural story development.

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Limitations Of AI Dungeon

Due to the technology being relatively new, it also has its limitations, some of which are listed below;

  • Content Limitation: Because the game is based on user-fed data and not the world wide web, sometimes the content can be inappropriate and offensive for some users.
  • Technical Limitation: AI Dungeon uses complex algorithms to generate content, but it is not perfect and is still in its early stage. The responses provided by the technology might sometimes be nonsensical or inconsistent.
  • Platform Limitation: Being a text-based platform, AI Dungeon lacks in displaying graphics, video and other multimedia elements. Eventually, users can only create little adventures with less immersive and interactive content.
  • Performance Limitation: The quality of content in an AI Dungeon depends on the user’s device and internet connection. This could mean that slow internet and old devices have slower response times or low-quality output.

The Bottom Line

Overall, AI Dungeon is a powerful and innovative platform with its limitation for the time being.

The safety of data and the user’s privacy is another crucial aspect we should focus on while developing the platform in the near future.

The user should also be aware of the platform’s data privacy and safety policies.

Before signing up for the game, one should thoroughly read the platform’s privacy and data protection policies.

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