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Is Beta Character AI Safe?

Character AI is a model that helps to stimulate human-like behavior and conversation created with the help of artificial intelligence.

It is still developing and testing and is completely free to use.

Beta Character AI is safe to use due to its transparency, clear privacy policy, and filter to control NSFW activities. However, sometimes you can easily bypass the Character AI filter, making it controversial and unsafe.

This AI model can help improve our communication skills, compose stories, and learn a new language.

Continue reading to learn if Character AI is safe and how to use it properly.

Characteristics Of Beta Character AI

Based on the neural language model, beta Character AI helps make open-ended human-like conversations.

It can help us make our personal life much easier. Here are some characteristics of Character AI.

  • Story creation by using different Characters with different personalities
  • Introverts can work on their communication skills
  • Character AI API can be used for your Projects
  • Learning a new language with the help of Characters
  • Programming Assistants can help with coding issues
  • Students can find assistants that help with homework problems
  • Creates images according to the description
character ai assistants
You can chat with different Characters on Character AI.

Is Beta Character AI Safe To Use?

There have been no reports of Beta Character AI being unsafe to use till now.

character ai safe reddit
Reddit discussion points out that if Character AI is safe.

Here are some reasons why Character AI is safe to use.

1. Privacy Policy

Beta Character AI’s privacy policy addresses the type of personal data gathered, how your personal information is utilized, and much more.

It states they will only share personal information with third parties if the law requires it.

2. Conversations Are Safe

All the conversations made with Characters are anonymous.

Therefore, those conversations are not used by Character AI and are not taken out of context.

3. No Humans Are Behind The Chatbot

Chatbots automate the conversations through artificial intelligence, and no humans are behind it.

Character AI imitates human conversations, and the replies can be funny.

4. No NSFW Content

Although it is common for people to think AI Characters are unsafe, especially due to their NSFW content, Character AI has an NSFW filter that blocks out harmful content.

However, you can sometimes bypass the Character AI filter if the content becomes too restrictive.

5. Transparency

Character AI is very clear about its Terms and Conditions, making them safe to use.

Those terms and conditions state the activities you can conduct on their website.

6. Age Restrictions

You will have to be above the age of 13 and 16 if you are a member of the EU to be able to create an account for Character AI.

Furthermore, you can also report people who are using Character AI while being underage.

7. Security Measures

To control unauthorized access, misuse, loss, disclosure, alteration, and destruction, Character AI has established numerous security measures.

Even if these reasons do not make you feel safe about using Character AI, there are specific Character AI alternatives like Kajiwoto, Kuki, Cleverbot, LivePerson, Tavern AI, etc.

The Bottom Line

Even though Character AI is still in its testing phase, it is safe to use because of its clear terms and conditions, privacy policy, and filters.

It is careful about its NSFW filters and sharing of personal data while it continues to improve.

Therefore, Character AI would be helpful, especially for people looking to improve their communication skills.

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