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Is Water Kung Fu Better Than Electric? A Detailed Comparison


Blox Fruits is a video game that features various fruits, weapons, and abilities. 

Similarly, Water Kung Fu and Electric are two fighting styles in Blox Fruits.

Water Kung Fu is typically better than Electric in Blox Fruits. Its moves are more challenging to dodge and have excellent range and damage.

This article discusses Water Kung Fu and Electric and whether Water Kung Fu is better than Electric.

Introduction To Water Kung Fu In Blox Fruits

Water Kung Fu is a fighting style in Blox Fruits.

Fighting techniques like Water Kung Fu are practical, adaptable, and have high damage, range, and speed.

Further, you can even upgrade it to Sharkman Karate, which is even more powerful and has a distinctive look.

The teacher of Water Kung Fu will sell it to you for 750,000 coins.

water kung fu and Electric
 Players can learn water Kung Fu for $750,000 from the teacher.

You can find the teacher in the Third Sea’s Castle on the Sea close to the portals, the Second Sea’s Hot and Cold side, and the First Sea’s Underwater City.

Correspondingly, you must go beyond the palace and enter a secret room inside a wall with a minor color change.

There, you can find the teacher in the Underwater City. However, you don’t need to be a certain level to purchase Water Kung Fu.

Moreover, you can upgrade it to Sharkman Karate when it reaches 400 mastery and has access to the Second Sea.

To upgrade, you must fight the boss Tide Keeper, who has a 10% chance of dropping the Water Key.

Then, in Hot and Cold, you must locate a cave with a closed door.

Talk to the Sharkman Karate Teacher inside using the Water Key to open the door.

You may learn Sharkman Karate for free from him.

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Introduction To Electric In Blox Fruits

Electric is a fighting style in Blox Fruits in which the Mad Scientist will sell you Electric Kung Fu for 500,000 coins.

You can find the Mad Scientist behind one of the rocks towards the base of the Skylands.

Around the base of the Skylands, behind one of the rocks, is where you can find the Mad Scientist.

Moreover, to get Electric Kung Fu, you don’t need to be at a certain level.

By gaining 400 mastery and obtaining access to the Third Sea, you can upgrade Electric to Electric Claw.

water kung fu and electric
You can upgrade from Electric to Electric Claw.

You need to fight Thunder God, a boss with a 10% chance of dropping the Electric Key, to upgrade it.

After that, you’ll need to find a cave with a locked door on Snow Island.

You can open the door with the Electric Key to speak with the Electric Claw Teacher, and he will teach you Electric Claw for free.

Is Water Kung Fu Better Than Electric? 

Water Kung Fu and Electric have different strengths and weaknesses.

The answer to which one is better may depend on your preferences, skills, and goals.

Here are some of the factors to consider while comparing Water Kung Fu and Electric:

1. Damage

When advanced to Sharkman Karate, Water Kung Fu deals more damage than Electric Kung Fu.

Water Kung Fu’s techniques have a significant knockback and combo potential, while Electric’s moves do less damage but click more quickly.

Additionally, Electric Claw deals less damage than Sharkman Karate but more than Electric.

2. Range

Electric has a more excellent range than Water Kung Fu because it can shock foes from a distance while shooting projectiles.

With its Steam-Charged Fist and Deadly Shower moves, Water Kung Fu has a respectable range.

However, they are slower and less precise than Electric’s moves.

You can use Heavy Water Punch, a technique in Water Kung Fu, to close the distance between you and your adversaries.

3. Speed

Electric can dash and evade with its moves, which gives it a faster speed than Water Kung Fu.

Water kung fu can jump and fly, giving it greater mobility despite its slower pace.

The Sharkman Karate mode of Water Kung Fu additionally boosts its speed and healing.

4. Compatibility

Many fruits and weapons, especially those that inflict fire or poison harm, are compatible with water kung fu.

With the help of the crystal on its back, Water Kung Fu can also cure itself.

Some foods and weapons, especially those that cause lightning or ice damage, are compatible with Electric.

Additionally, players can use the grab move of Electric to hack opponents.

5. Availability

The Second Sea is necessary to enhance Water Kung Fu, which costs 750,000 dollars and is more difficult to obtain than Electric.

Electricity is cheaper and simpler to obtain because it only costs 500,000 dollars.

You can decide which fighting style suits you better based on these factors.

Some players prefer Water Kung Fu for its high damage, combo potential, and versatility.

The Bottom Line

Compared to Electric, Water Kung Fu is a more effective and adaptable fighting technique.

It is an excellent option for players of all skill levels and works particularly well for grinding and boss battles.

However, it is crucial to remember that your play style and preferences will determine your optimal fighting style.

Electric Kung Fu might be a better option if you want an excellent combat style for PvP.

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