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The Scavenger Hunt Dreamlight Valley: Help Contestants

The Scavenger Hunt in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is a friendship quest organized by Sulley for his friends.

Sulley has handpicked the contestants he would like to participate in the scavenger hunt.

Moreover, you will need to go and talk to each one of them, asking them to participate.

Read more to learn about The Scavenger Hunt in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, how to complete the hunt, and the rewards.

The Scavenger Hunt Dreamlight Valley: Overview

Sulley has a new project in his mind and needs your help to fulfill it. 

The scavenger hunt has a total of 6 clues with different side quests which is to help other contestants if they ever get stuck.

The Scavenger Hunt Dreamlight Valley
The Scavenger Hunt is a friendship quest in which on completion you will get rewards.

Furthermore, The contestants Sulley asks you to invite are:

  • Stitch (From Lilo & Stitch)
  • Olaf (Talking Snowman of Frozen)
  • Vanellope (Protagonist of Monster Inc.)
  • (Optional) Donald (Donald Duck)

Upon inviting all the contestants to the hunt, go to Sulley’s where he will give out instructions on what to do and all the hints.

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Scavenger Hunt In Dreamlight Valley: Step By Step Guide

Follow the steps below to complete The Scavenger Hunt with ease:

1. Royal Hall With Many Doors

Your first clue that Sulley will give out will be to go to the royal hall with many doors.

The Royal Hall is the castle or the ‘Dream Castle’ in the north of the map.

Moreover, Olaf will be waiting for you there who will need a little help.

2. Golden Wizard

Olaf asks for your help to find the third clue which is a cyphered code “near the wizard made of gold”

You will need to go to the top floor of the castle where the golden statue is.

Moreover, there will be a piece of paper on the floor which you will need to pick up and give to Olaf.

3. Under The Cascade

Upon completion of the Golden Wizard, Under The Cascade will begin on the Sunlit Plateau.

Go near the wooden bridge of the river, north of the Sunlit Plateau to talk to Stitch.

Under the Cascade
Go inside the cave which is the cascade.

Additionally, Enter the waterfall-like cave and you can find the bubbling pool if you go around the rock after you enter the cave.

Fish out the fifth clue from the pool and give it to Stitch.

4. Stemmy Veggies

The riddle that starts the clue is “Hope your veggies aren’t steamy when you visit Chez..”

However, When you ask a Disney fan where they get their veggies, you already know it’s Chef Remis.

You should Go to Chef Remi’s restaurant and talk to Vanellope who seems to be lost.

Furthermore, Go to the kitchen and simmer the soup with ‘The Final Clue’ and some Lemons and start cooking.

Finally, you should give the Final Decoded Clue to Sulley.

5. Gather The Materials

You will need to gather a few of the materials as we now come to the end of the scavenger hunt:

  • Purple Flowers x25
  • Blueberries x15
  • Boiled Eggs x2
Pro-tip: As you are in the restaurant, make sure you grab the boiled eggs first, go to the Kitchen, and under the quest section, make hard-boiled eggs.

After you gather all the materials, give all of them to Stitch.

6. Place The Statue

Sulley’s statue needs to be the heart of Dreamlight Valley. So, place the Clay Statue of Sulley which will be under the Furniture section. 

Finally, take a picture with the team and claim the rewards.

Final picture
A picture will be taken of all the contestants upon completion of the scavenger hunt.

Sulley will give you the Clay Statue of Sulley, which you can place anywhere else in the Valley.

Furthermore, he will also give you a Blue-Faux-Fur Monster Jacket.

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