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How To Chat With Janitor AI Characters?

Janitor AI is an Artificial Intelligence tool that aids users with various tasks, including making routines, cleaning data, formatting data, etc. 

Janitor AI allows users to chat with different characters. But, users are concerned about the privacy of the chat and if the chat logs are visible to the entire Jantor AI. Moreover, the Janitor AI chat is safe and invisible to the AI.

Continue reading to learn how to make your chats private on Janitor AI and chat with your favorite characters. 

How To Chat With Janitor AI Characters?

Like other chatbots, users must create an account on first to use its chat feature.

Additionally, when the user tries to create an account, the website prompts the user to create accounts through different platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, etc.

However, the users can use a throwaway email account to test the features of the AI.

Additionally, the users need to provide an API key from Openai to chat with the characters of the Janitor AI. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to obtain the key:

  1. Create an Account and log in to the Janitor AI.
Login Page For JanitorAI
Login to Janitor AI
  1. Choose any Character that interests you.
Selection Of Chatbots To Talk With
You can choose characters to chat with.
  1. In the chosen character screen, below the button says, “Chat with *the character’s name*.” Click on the button.
Chat With Bot Selection Box
You will see Chat with Bot selection box below.
  1. However, Once inside the chatroom, you cannot chat with the character. You will need an API key to start chatting with the AI.
  2. In the Top right corner, you will see an API not ready! Click on the setup box.
API Key Settings Menu
API Key Settings Menu
  1. Click on the API settings box. This should prompt you with a dialog box.
Dialog Prompt
Find the Dialog Prompt box.
  1. Additionally, you can choose the AI you want to use within the dialog box.
  2. In the dialog box, you can see a setting called “OpenAI Key.”
Dialog Box For API Key
Find the OpenAI API key.
  1. You will need an OpenAI key to start the chatbot. 
  2. To get the openAI key, go to account/api-keys. However, the API key you obtain from the OpenAI is unique to your account and will not be shown again after you generate it.
Generation Of Unique API Key
Generation Of Unique API Key
  1. Copy and paste the API key into the Open AI key settings.
  2. After you provide the API key, save the settings. You can now chat with the character you like.
Chat With Deku Bot In JanitorAI
Chat With Deku Bot In JanitorAI
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Is Janitor AI Chat Private Or Public?

Janitor AI chat is Private and the users are the only people who can view the chat.

However, if the users enable ChatGPT settings in the chatbot settings, Janitor AI can view the chats and conversationally give answers. 

Moreover, the users need to activate the feature, which is inactive by default.

Additionally, the Janitor AI team has clearly stated that the users’ chat with the AI bot is private and neither the team nor the AI can view them. 

Can Janitor AI See Your Messages?

No! Janitor AI cannot see the user’s chats.

In their FAQ, the Janitor AI team stated that neither the AI nor the Janitor development team could view the chat between the various chatbots and the users.

Team FAQ on Chat Privacy
Janitor AI cannot see your messages.

Furthermore, the team also states they believe in the users’ privacy and do not want to meddle with the user’s interests in using the AI.

The Bottom Line

AI in itself is growing each day. With advancements happening each day, the use of AI has grown exponentially.

However, amidst the growth, the question of whether AI will tamper with our privacy also arises.

But, the AI development team has been working hard to keep the users’ privacy intact. 

Hopefully, this article is helpful in understanding how to use the Janitor AI and if the AI is safe to use or not. 

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