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How To Set Janitor AI Reverse Proxy? A Simple Guide

With Janitor AI as a reverse proxy, you can boost your web service’s security, performance, and reliability.

You can also access Janitor AI’s natural language processing and machine learning functions.

If you want to use or set a reverse proxy for Janitor AI, you must have an OpenAI API key and a domain name.

In this article, we will show you how to set up a reverse proxy using Janitor AI, an advanced AI chatbot that allows users to chat with various chatbots.

What Is Janitor AI Reverse Proxy?

Janitor AI is a website that allows users to chat with various AI characters, such as celebrities, fictional characters or custom-made bots.

Some examples of reverse proxy servers are NGINX, HAProxy, Istio, Linkerd, and Varnish.

A reverse proxy acts as a mediator between a client and a backend server.

It provides various services such as security, load balancing, caching and other features.

Moreover, it can bypass the OpenAI API(Application Programming Interface) key requirement by routing the requests through another server with a valid key.

Some users of Janitor AI claim that the chatbot is currently not working, however, you can quickly fix the issues.

Benefits Of Using Janitor AI Reverse Proxy

Janitor AI Moxxie Proxy is a reverse proxy service that allows you to access the Janitor AI website without using an OpenAI key or paying for the subscription.

Some of the possible benefits of using Janitor AI reverse proxy are:

  • You can enjoy the features of Janitor for free such as creating characters, customizing their appearance, conversing with them etc.
  • You can easily bypass the restrictions and limitations of OpenAI, such as message limit, response time and content filter.
  • You can protect your privacy by not sharing your personal information with Janitor AI or OpenAI.

Using a reverse proxy to access the site is like bypassing the original server and connecting to a different one.

Some users of Janitor AI have been looking for reverse proxies to use the website without paying for an OpenAI API key.

However, this is not recommended as it may compromise the quality and security of the service.

Some users have reported that Moxxie proxy Janitor AI has been hacked and may pose security risks.

Note: Janitor developers state they are working on a free service, which will be available soon.

How To Set Janitor AI Reverse Proxy?

Using Janitor AI is very straightforward and based on an online Chatbot.

You can set up a Janitor reverse proxy with the following steps:

  1. First, choose a proxy service that supports OpenAI and has a good reputation and performance. You can configure and set up a reverse proxy. However, the process is not simple.
  2. Register an account with the proxy service and follow their instruction to obtain an OpenAI key or token. This unique identifier allows you to use the proxy service and access Janitor AI.
  3. Now, go to the Janitor AI and create an account; either click on Login or Register.
click on login or register ok
Click on login or register and the Ok button.
  1. Look for a bot or character that catches your attention and start a chat with it.
  2. You will not be able to chat with the bot yet. A red box will appear in the upper right corner asking you to configure the API; click on it.
click on API not ready click to setup
Click on API not ready, and click on the setup option.
  1. Then, go to the settings page and click the Reverse Proxy option.
  2. Then, enter the Open AI Reverse Proxy and Key in the box.
  3. Finally, click the Save Settings button at the bottom right-hand side of the page.
enter open ai reverse proxy name key save
Enter Open AI reverse proxy name key and save it.

However, using a reverse proxy may lower the performance, potential security risks or higher latency.

Keep learning and find out if Janitor AI is free.

Risks Of Using Reverse Proxy

Janitor AI is somewhat safe to use, though there are some ethical difficulties to consider while using it.

A reverse proxy can provide security and performance benefits. However, some risks are involved with setting a reverse proxy for a Janitor AI.

You can find some of the risks involved when using reverse proxy.

  • Risk of information stored: Since a reverse proxy can track IP addresses and encrypt-decrypt information, it can store data.
  • HTTP request smuggling: The attacker can submit a request with a user’s session and interface with processing HTTP requests.
  • Risk of failure: If the proxy is fronting different domains, its outage can bring down all those. 

Therefore, setting up a Janitor AI reverse proxy may not be a good idea unless you have a strong reason.

It may violate the terms of service or intellectual property rights of OpenAI or Janitor AI by using its products without authorization or payment.

Disclaimer: The developers of Janitor AI don’t provide or endorse any reverse proxies and warn that using them may compromise the user’s privacy and security.

The Bottom Line

Using a reverse proxy only from a trusted and reliable source is advisable. 

Therefore, if you want to use a reverse proxy for Janitor AI, be aware of the potential consequences of exposing your data and requests to a third party.

Hence, you must take proper precautions and audit the reverse proxy regularly to ensure its security and functionality.

Have fun chatting with bots!

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