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How Safe Is The Journal Lapse App?

Journal Lapse app offers a unique approach to capturing life’s fleeting moments, but users are concerned about whether the app is safe.

Indeed, the Lapse App has become an intriguing contender and is now on the top of the chart above apps like Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Eventhough the Journal Lapse app has intriguing features, users must give access to photos, contacts, a camera, and a microphone to start using it. The app is not on the safe side as it lacks transparency about its data collection practices and intentions.

In this article, we will explore everything about the Journal Lapse App and its safety.

What Is The Journal Lapse App?

The Journal Lapse is a unique social media platform that allows users to enjoy an ad-free environment.

The Lapse app allows users to share their memories with friends and customize their profiles selectively.

The JournaL Lapse app
The Lapse app allows users to share their memories with friends.

This app can distinguish itself from the rest due to its disposable film cameras that hide photos and videos until a set time elapses.

Despite its new concept, many users are alarmed due to its complicated sign-up process and disturbing data collection practices.

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Is The Journal Lapse App Safe To Use?

Several concerns indicate the Lapse app is not safe to use.

This app is unsafe to use as it highlights the privacy, data collection and use experience.

Additionally, this app has potential security risks such as spamming and phishing due to accessing the users’ contacts.

Various aspects of this application raise concerns about its ability to be confidential.

1. Excessive Data Collection

The Lapse app has invasive data collection practices that demand extensive permissions, making users apprehensive.

Indeed, in order to sign up this app requires access to the user’s devices, including contacts, photos, camera, and microphone.

This deep level of access to your information is alarming so you should prioritize your personal information safety rather than trying the app.

2. Privacy Violations

Most users reported feeling uncomfortable practicing the app’s approach to privacy as it hinders the confidentiality of their data.

The Lapse can be entitled as a data-grabber app as it insists on gaining access to the user’s contacts, photos, and cameras without clear justification.

Moreover, this app reflects potential privacy violations and raises red flags about handling the users’ mobile data.

3. Complicated Sign-Up Process

The Sign-Up process in this app is very bothersome and lengthy, making it unnecessarily complicated.

Furthermore, this app requires the users to invite five friends to sign up and start using the app entirely.

sign up invite 5 friends
The Journal Lapse App requires users to invite at least five friends to sign up.

Thus, this requirement is inconvenient as it forces users to connect with people they don’t know, creating a negative user experience.

4. Lack Of Transparency

The app is facing heavy criticism for its lack of transparency about data collection practices and intentions.

For instance, when users try to delete their account, the app gives them an ultimatum that their phone number will get banned.

Due to this reason, users don’t feel transparent with the app’s capability to keep their data confidential and commit to user privacy.

5. Potential Security Risks

The Journal Lapse App requires users to invite at least five friends to sign up.

In addition, this app inflates the potential security risks such as spamming and phishing due to accessing contacts of the users.

This aspect of the app’s functionality leads to unauthorized access to users’ networks and hinders user’s online safety.

The Bottom Line

Before signing up for the Journal Lapse app, consider your comfort level with letting the app access your confidential data.

Indeed, users must keep an eye on the privacy settings and understand the facts about the app’s data-grabbing approaches.

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