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Kayo Main Event Not Working: UFC 298 Error Code 3003

If you are a sports fan in Australia, sometimes Kayo Sports may not be working to watch the main event.

You may encounter issues such as buffering, freezing, or crashing.

However, this can be very frustrating, especially if you are trying to watch a pay-per-view event via Main Event on Kayo.

Continue reading to learn some quick fixes to solve the problem of Kayo main event not working. 

UFC 298 Kayo Main Event: Volkanovski Vs. Topuria

Volkanovski vs. Topuria was the main event of UFC 298, which took place on Saturday, February 17th, 2024, in Anaheim, California.

It was a featherweight title fight, with Alexander Volkanovski defending his title against the undefeated Ilia Topuria.

Unfortunately, the event has already concluded.

Alexander Volkanovski won the fight unanimously (49-46, 49-46, 49-45).

This was Volkanovski’s sixth successful title defense at featherweight.

Watch Kayo Main Event: PPV Vs Foxtel

If you want to watch UFC 298 live in Australia, you have two options: Kayo PPV or Foxtel

Both services will charge you $59.95 for the pay-per-view access.

You don’t need a Kayo Sports subscription to order the event on Kayo PPV.

Notably, you do need a Foxtel iQ subscription to order it on Foxtel.

The event will start at 2 pm AEDT on Sunday, February 18, 2024.

Thus, you can order the event online or via the app on your preferred device.

kayo main event
Volkanovski vs. Topuria was the main event of UFC 298.

Can not Buy PPV Through UFC App

There are a few possible reasons why you can’t buy it through the UFC app, such as:

  1. You are not logged in to your UFC account or your ESPN+ account.
  2. You have insufficient funds or an expired payment method on your account.
  3. You are trying to buy the PPV from a location where it is not available or geo-blocked.
  4. You are experiencing a technical issue with the app or your device.
Can't buy ppv
You have an expired payment method if you can’t buy PPV through the UFC app.

To fix this problem, you can try the following steps:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your UFC account and ESPN+ account. You can subscribe to one if you don’t have an ESPN+ account.
  2. Check your account balance and payment method and make sure they are valid and up to date.
  3. Check the availability of the PPV in your location and ensure you are not using a VPN or proxy.
  4. Restart the app and your device and try to buy the PPV again.
  5. If the problem persists, contact UFC customer support or ESPN+ customer support

What To Do If Kayo Main Event Is Not Working?

Kayo Sports is a streaming service that offers live and on-demand sports content in Australia.

If your Kayo main event is not working on your device, you can try some of the following tips:

1. Check Device Compatibility

Not all devices are compatible with Kayo Sports; some may have specific requirements or limitations.

For example, you must have iOS 11 or above to watch Kayo Sports on your iPhone or iPad.

Moreover, you must have Android 6 or above to watch Kayo Sports on your Android device. 

2. Do Not Use VPN

Ensure you are not using a VPN or proxy that might block your access to Kayo Sports. 

Kayo Sports is a streaming service that is only available within Australia.

If you are using a VPN or proxy to change your IP address or location, you may be unable to access Kayo Sports.

This is because Kayo Sports uses geo-blocking technology to prevent users from outside Australia from watching its content.

Thus, if the Kayo main event is not working, you must disable your VPN or proxy and use your Australian IP address.

3. Restart Your Device

Sometimes, your device or router may experience glitches or errors that affect your internet connection.

This can cause buffering, lagging, or freezing issues while watching Kayo Sports.

To fix this, you can try restarting your device and your router to reset your internet connection.

This may help to clear any temporary problems and improve your streaming quality.

4. Update The Kayo App

If you are using an outdated version of the app, you may encounter some issues or errors when you are watching Kayo Sports.

To avoid this, you should always update the Kayo Sports app to the latest version whenever possible.

You can check for updates in the app store or your device’s settings.

5. Switch To Live Channel

If you are watching live content, switch to the Live Channel option instead of the tile option. 

This can help to reduce the delay, improve the quality, and avoid the ads.

The tile option lets you watch the live event of a specific sport, such as cricket, rugby, or soccer.

Further, this option may have some advantages, such as showing you the score, time, and event highlights. 

Thus, tap on the screen and select the option you want to switch between the Live Channel and tile options.

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