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Kite Infinite Craft: Combine China And Wind

Infinite Craft is a game that lets you create and explore a world of endless possibilities, including Kite.

You can combine elements and items, such as animals, plants, and machines, to make new ones.

Further, you can fly kites in the sky and use them to craft other things.

Continue reading to learn how to make and use a kite in Infinite Craft.

How To Create A kite In Infinite Craft?

A Kite in Infinite Craft is an animal you can make by combining China and Wind.

Generally, China is an element that you can get by combining Asia and Earth.

Similarly, Wind is a base element that you start with. A Kite is also a toy that you can fly in the sky with a string

To make a kite in Infinite Craft, you need to follow these steps:

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Dust + Earth = Planet
  • Planet + Steam = Steampunk
  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Steampunk = Steampunk Plant
  • Smoke + Steampunk Plant = Steampunk Tree
  • Dust + Water = Mud
  • Mud + Steampunk Tree = Swamp
  • Dust + Plant = Pollen
  • Plant + Swamp = Venus Flytrap
  • Ocean + Pollen = Coral
  • Coral + Venus Flytrap = Coral Reef
  • Coral Reef + Steam = Fish
  • Fish + Lake = Fishing
  • Fishing + Wind = Kite
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Use Kites To Craft Other Elements In Infinite Craft

Kites are fun to fly and useful to craft other elements and items in Infinite Craft.

However, here are some examples of what you can make with Kites:

  • Kite + Bird = Kite Surfing
  • Kite + Enlightenment = Kite Piece
  • Kite + BFF = Kite
  • Kite + Fire = Fireworks
  • Kite + Plane = Paper Plane
infinite craft elements
You can make Kite in Infinite Craft by combining China and Wind.

Additionally, you can use Kites to make some mythical creatures, such as:

  • Kite + Horse = Pegasus
  • Kite + Unicorn = Rainbow Unicorn
  • Kite + Dragon = Flying Dragon
  • Kite + Phoenix = Firebird
  • Kite + Werewolf = Flying Werewolf

Tips And Tricks For Flying Kites In Infinite Craft

Flying kites in Infinite Craft is a fun and relaxing activity you can enjoy in the game.

Generally, Kites are beautiful and useful for crafting other elements and items.

Here are some tips and tricks for flying kites in Infinite Craft:

1. Fly A Kite

You must have a kite and a string in your inventory to fly a kite.

Moreover, you can make a kite by combining China and Wind and a string by combining Rope and Scissors.

2. Launch A Kite

You must find a windy spot in the game to launch a kite.

Thus, you can use the Wind element to create Wind or look for places with moving clouds, trees, or flags.

kite infinite craft
Find a windy spot in the game to launch a kite.

3. Control A Kite

You need to use the string and Wind to control a kite.

However, gently tug the string to make the Kite climb higher and release tension to let it descend.

Further, you can use sharp tugs and slack lines to steer the Kite left or right.

4. Perform Tricks

You need to experiment with different movements and combinations to perform tricks with a kite.

However, you can try figure-eights, loops, and spins to excite your flight.

Moreover, you can combine your Kite with other elements, such as Fire, Bird, or Plane, to create different effects and items.

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