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Threads Of Ill Fate: A Secret Fatality In MK1

In Mortal Kombat 1, Every Kombatian can perform one primary and secret fatality.

However, the input of the second fatality is not given until you reach Mastery level 14.

Threads Of Ill Fate is the second fatality, performed by the Kombatian Ashrah.

Threads of Ill Fate can be performed by pressing down, down, back, and backkick. Players can perform this fatality from a medium range.

This article will discuss Ashrah’s fatality and how to perform it in MK1.

Who Is Ashrah?

Ashrah is one of the playable characters in the Mortal Kombat 1.

She has returned to the franchise after her last appearance in Mortal Kombat: Deception.

Furthermore, even though she is a demon from Neatherealm, she is one of the good guys in Mortal Kombat 1.

Ashrah is a demon hunter who focuses on destroying Quan Chi for enslaving her and her shadow sisters.

She possesses a powerful weapon known as Kriss.

It is a sword, which mainly makes her a close-range combatant.

In MK1, Ashrah’s swordsmanship is more heightened.

Additionally, due to the weapon, she has gained the ability to manifest angelic wings with blade-like feathers.

This ability can be used as melee weapons or shooting the feathers to skewer her opponent.

Every character in MK1 has some signature move.

Here are a few signature moves of Ashra:

  • Lightning Blast: Ashrah shoots a ball of white energy towards the opponent.
  • Heavenly Light: Shoots the same ball of white energy; however, it is sent upwards,
  • Spin Cycle: Ashrah spins in a circle; if it connects, it will be launched high up in the air. 
  • Nature’s Torpedo: Ashrah flies towards the opponent while spinning.

These are some special moves of Ashrah you can try in MK1.

Ashrah’s fatality is mostly about using her Kriss, which glows when the enemy is nearby.

Her fatality is easy to perform, but players should know the inputs and range of fatality.

Additionally, Ashrah’s has two Fatalities, and you can perform it by quickly inputting the button combination.

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What Is Threads Of Ill Fate In Mk 1?

Threads Of Ill Fate in MK1 is the second Fatality of Ashrah.

Players must press down, down, back, and backkick to perform this fatality while standing at medium range.

Once you correctly input the button combination, she will use her weapon like a rope and bind the opponent’s arm, head, and torso. 

After that, she pulls her rope tighter by raising her kriss into the air and pulling it back, causing it to cut the opponent’s body into tiny pieces.

Thread of Ill Fate
Ashrah performs the secret fatality “Thread of ill fate.”

As a result, the pile of the opponent’s body lies down.

This is one of the brutal fatalities and her other fatalities.

Furthermore, you also have to use this fatality in Invasion Mode.

While performing the Dedaerht Klue riddle, you must perform the Thread of Ill Fate Fatality.

Doing this will complete the Dedaerht Klue, and you can get several types of rewards, including currency, Kameo fighters, Fatalities, cosmetics, and items.

Other Fatality Of Ashrah

Ashrah can also perform another primary Fatality (Heavenly Light) in Mortal Kombat 1.

To perform it, you must press down, forward, down, and back punch while standing at medium range.

If done correctly, Ashrah will get into the air and throw a bunch of heavenly blades at her opponent.

Then, she slams the kriss into the ground, producing a shockwave that vaporizes most of the enemy’s remains.

After that, Ashrah and her Kamino partner strike a pose declaring victory.

The Bottom Line

Ashrah, the Kombatian in MK1, performs the secret fatality known as Thread Of Ill Fate.

You can perform this fatality by pressing down, down, back, and backkick to perform this fatality while standing at medium range.

The fatality is the most terrific way to end the find in Mortal Kombat.

Therefore, keep trying to end the battle with fatality, which any Kombatian can perform.

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