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How To Use Kobold AI Colab? A Comprehensive Guide

Do you know you can use Kobold AI on Google Colab for free without installation? 

Kobold AI Colab is a special version of Kobold AI that runs on Google Colab and lets you use any of the supported models and features.

You can use Kobold AI Colab by finding the link on the official website or the GitHub repository. All you need is a Google account and an internet connection.

In this article, we will show you the steps of using Kobold AI Colab and show you what features it offers.

Additionally, you will learn how to select a model and start a session.

What Is Kobold AI Colab?

Kobold AI Colab is a version of Kobold AI that runs on Google Colab.

It is a cloud service that provides access to GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) and TPU(Tensor Processing Unit).

You can use it for free with a Google Account, but there are some limitations, such as slowdowns, disconnections, memory errors etc.

Users may also lose their progress if they close the notebook of their session expires.

Moreover, you can choose from different models and settings to customize your experience.

Models Available In Kobold AI Colab

If you want to use it on Google Colab, you can choose from several models available in the TPU or GPU edition.

Here are some of the available models in the TPU.

  • Nerys by Mr. Seeker: It is a hybrid model based on Pike, a newer Janeway. It is trained on the largest dataset of novels and is heavily inclined toward SFW novel writing.
  • Adventure 6B: It is closest to AI Dungeon’s Griffin and comparable in size and training. It is trained on an extensive collection of text adventure games, stories etc.
  • Shinen: It is a model that focuses on Japanese Light Novels and Anime with a large vocabulary. It can generate colorful descriptions and dialogues and is good at creating fantasy and sci-fi scenarios.
  • Pike: It is a newer version of the Janeway-trained, more extensive and diverse datasets of novels.

How To Use Kobold AI Colab?

To use it, you need to open one of the notebooks provided by the developers.

Here are the steps to use it.

  1. Go to ColabKobold TPU to open the the notebook for the TPU edition. Alternatively, go to ColabKobold GPU to open it for the GPU edition.
  2. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create it to use Colab. Additionally, you can save a copy of the notebook to your Google Drive for future use.
connect to google drive
You can save a copy of the notebook to your Google Drive.
  1. Then, select your preferred Model from the dropdown menu. You can find the description of the model below the menu.
select the preferred model for kobold ai
You can select the preferred model.
  1. After selecting the model, click the Play button.
click on play button
Click on the play button after selecting the preferred model.
  1. Then, click on the link to start Kobold AI. This will start downloading and setting up the model and interface.
click on the link provided below
Click on the link provided below to start.

This will take a few minutes and depends on the model size and availability of the resources.

Here, you need to acknowledge the warning, and then you will be taken to the interface of Kobold AI.

Despite this, if you choose Cloudflare and receive a 1033 error, you must refresh the error page and wait for some time.

Can You Train Your Model With Kobold AI Colab?

Different models have different styles and capabilities. Therefore, you must choose the one that suits your needs.

You can train a model with Kobold AI Colab. However, it depends on what kind of model you want to train.

Additionally, you can easily interact with the AI with KoboldAI API URL.

If you want to train a soft prompt, you can use a Colab notebook provided by the Kobold AI community.

TPU edition model kobold ai colab
TPU edition model description with its style.

In this case, you will need to run the development version of Kobold AI on your PC to use them.

However, if you want to train the model itself, you will need something better than the Colab service.

It is a more complex and resource-intensive process that requires a larger dataset than a 3 MB text file to get a good result.

Keep the Colab notebook page open while using it, AI and regularly check if you got a Captcha.

Failure to complete the Captcha’s in time can result in the termination of your session or a lower priority towards the TPUs and GPUs.

Alternatively, you can use Kobold AI  without Google Colab. You can run it on your PC, use Kobold Horde or download it from GitHub.

Note: Remember that Colab sessions are limited and may disconnect anytime; hence permanently save your work.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to write stories, blog posts, play text adventure games, or chat with a virtual assistant it can help you achieve your creative goals.

 However, Colab may not support all the features and options that Kobold AI offers.

Therefore, if you want a better and more stable experience with it, you can try running it on your PC or a dedicated cloud service.

Keep reading and find out how to use KoboldAI Pygmalion.
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