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KoboldAI Pygmalion – How To Use It?

KoboldAI uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning for assisted writing with multiple AI models.

KoboldAI Pygmalion can assist you in writing novels and text adventures and act as a Chatbot. Furthermore, you can use it on Google Colab as a cloud service or locally installed on your device.

You can play with different modes in KoboldAI, like Adventure mode, Story mode and Chatbot Mode.

In this article, you will learn about the KoboldAI Pygmalion, its issues, and how to use it on your device.

What Is KoboldAI Pygmalion?

KoboldAI is an AI-assisted text generation application where you can generate stories and adventures.

You can find different features in KoboldAI, like writing stories, creating blog posts, and playing text-based adventure games.

Furthermore, Pygmalion is a fine-tuned AI for chatting and roleplaying.

You can find different API platforms like KoboldAI, NovelAI and OpenAI in Pygmalion.

Intoduction to KoboldAI
KoboldAI is an AI-assisted text generation application where you can generate stories and adventures.

Furthermore, you can use it like a Chatbot, and it can also help you with programming tasks.

KoboldAI offers a standard array of tools like;

  • Memory Tools
  • Author’s Note
  • World Info
  • Save and Load
  • Adjustable AI Settings
  • Formatting Options

In addition, you can also import existing AI Dungeon adventures in KoboldAI using the “Import” option.

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Issues You Might Encounter In KoboldAI

KoboldAI is excellent in text-generation games and adventures, but sometimes you can encounter issues while working on it.

Some of the issues or limitations in KoboldAI are as follows.

  • You cannot save settings, and it resets when you refresh it.
  • You can encounter issues while downloading a new story.
  • Sometimes, dynamic world info will not work in Google Colab.
  • When using it on mobile devices, settings will not be saved.
  • You can encounter issues while generating responses when changing the temperature.

Multiple Ways To Play In KoboldAI 

There are multiple ways to play with KoboldAI; you can play it as a story, a text adventure game, or a Chatbot.

You can easily toggle changes between different gameplay styles with the toggle button.

multiple game plays mode
You can play with different modes in KoboldAI.

Furthermore, let’s dive deeper into these multiple gameplay styles.

1. Adventure Mode

In generic mode, KoboldAI is optimized for writing; by default, it will be in writing or story mode.

However, you can toggle the adventure mode by enabling “Adventure Mode” in the settings.

In this mode, KoboldAI will create a text-based adventure game where you can act as the main Character by providing commands.

2. Story Mode

You can use KoboldAI as a writing assistant to write your stories and novels in story mode.

This mode will give you better writing results than adventure and generic modes.

Furthermore, you can toggle the story mode by enabling the “Story mode” in the settings.

3. Chatbot Mode

Kobold AI can act as a Chatbot by enabling the Chatbot mode in the settings.

In this mode, you can chat with the Chatbot, ask questions and streamline your activities.

Here is an example of KoboldAI as a Chatbot.

Chatbot mode
You can chat with the Chatbot in KoboldAI.

How Can You Use KoboldAI Pygmalion?

KoboldAI Pygmalion is available freely, and you can access it easily using Google Collab.

You can follow the steps below to use KoboldAI on your device.

  1. Go to ColabKobold GPU.
  2. Scroll down and Click the “run cell” button.
starting KoboldAI in google collab
KoboldAI supports Google Collab as a cloud service.
  1. Now all the required files will download, and the model will start shortly.
  2. After the download, a link to start KoboldAI will be generated and click on the link.
link to start koboldAI
You can follow the link after the model loads to start KoboldAI.

Furthermore, you can install it locally on your device by downloading KoboldAI and following the guidelines to install it on Windows.

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The Bottom Line

KoboldAI is powerful in generating text-based games, adventures and writing capabilities.

Furthermore, you can use it locally or as a cloud service in Google Colab, and it can also be accessed using your mobile devices.

However, you might encounter issues downloading a new story and working with dynamic world info while using this powerful application.

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