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Why Medallion Is Not Working In Fortnite?

Fortnite recently launched its new update in season 5  and many players have reported that the medallion is not working.

Similarly, in this update, the game focuses on balancing the gameplay by adjusting the elements like Medallions and other weapons.

In Fortnite, several players have been reporting the medallion is not working since this new update on December 16. Further, medallions have reduced their effectiveness as players have noticed a decrease in shield generations which is now only 50 shields.

Continue reading to learn more about why is Medallion not healing in Fortnite.

Fortnite: An Overview Of Medallions 

Fortnite introduced the Medallions in its new chapter 5 which allows players to take damage from their enemies.

Players can use the Medallions as a healing agent during combat with the enemies.

Similarly, Medallions were used as armor, which generates the shield around the player to counter the heavy attacks.

Likewise, players can only collect the Medallions after defeating one of the five society bosses in Fortnite.

Upon defeating the boss in the game, players can have access to the Medallions as a boss drop or loot.

Fortnite Medallions Update
In this new update of Fortnite, the game has brought changes to several things.

Moreover, the  Medallions come in five different variants and are named after a boss who drops it as a loot.

Among these Medallions, there are two variants; one is used to regenerate the shield for the players and the other is used to increase maximum shield capacity.

Thus, players should carry maximum Medallions to create a greater shield during the game.

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Fortnite: Is Medallion Working?

In this recent update of Fortnite on December 16, the game has focused on balancing the gameplay.

Similarly, in this update the game has brought change in the elements such as Medallions and other various weapons.

Likewise, most players have noticed that the medallion is not healing as before and is not effective now.

A new update of Fortnite has reduced the Medallion effectiveness in the game, so players have noticed a decrease in shield regeneration.

The Medallions are working but the game now limits its capacity and each Medallion provides only 50 shields.

fortnite medallion not working
In Fortnite, the Medallions no longer give you the maximum Shield Regen.

Besides that, the players can witness the circle indicating a Medallion holder has also become smaller in the game.

Since the circle has been smaller, it is easy for opponents to track your location, so remain stealthy during the game.

Additionally, there is a brief delay in time to start the shield regeneration process, and the regen rates are slightly reduced.

Strategic Shift And New Dynamics

After the game decided to reduce the effectiveness of the Medallion in its new update, players should reconsider their strategies.

Since players were using the Medallions as their primary defense mechanism, the altered mechanics in this update have caused trouble.

Likewise, players carrying Medallions as a valuable asset for survival, however, the change now provides risk.

Some players have expressed their frustration regarding the changes as the Medallions cannot heal.

While some of the other players have significantly highlighted the balance in the game.

With only the minimum effectiveness of Medallion, players now should survive in the treacherous realm of Fortnite without any reliable shield.

Epic Games has stated that the game has taken this step to address the concerns regarding the Medallion Overpower nature.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite has not only changed the Medallion nature in the game, rather the new update brings alternations from several perspectives.

With this new update, the whole Fortnite community is experiencing a significant change in gameplay dynamics regarding Medallions and Weapons.

Moreover, Epic Games took this decision to promote balance in the game as Medallion was considered over powered.

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