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Lantern With Red Butterflies In Lords Of The Fallen

There are many Lantern-related articles for Lords Of The Fallen, but the one with the red butterflies is a mysterious one.

Apparently, soul-flaying this lantern brings the player to a particular enemy and the butterfly disappears afterward.

There have been many speculations online about the answer to this topic, but this is the closest we could get:

In Lords of Fallen, Interacting with the lantern with red butterflies teleports the player to the boss who killed another player. Avenging them will grant a huge amount of xp and some drops.

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Online Thread About The Lantern With Red Butterflies

A thread about this topic was first created on Oct 13, 2023, when a Redditor asked about the mysterious lantern.

The user claimed that soul-flaying the lantern brought him to a boss, which killed him later.

Lantern With Red Butterfly Thread
Lantern With Red Butterfly Thread.

The user also mentioned that the boss was titled ‘Me,’ which confused him.

But it turns out that a previous player named ‘Me’ died to the same boss.

Hence, the current player was brought to that boss in order to avenge the previous player’s death.

So, this solves the core mystery regarding this topic.

Umbral Lantern In Lords Of The Fallen

An item known as The Umbral Lantern allows players to traverse into the Axiom Dimension. 

This is a very unique mechanism in the game that helps players to complete puzzles in the game.

Umbral Lantern In Lords Of The Fallen
Umbral Lantern In Lords Of The Fallen.

In order to use this lantern, players need to select it in the bottom right display.

If you are a Playstation or Xbox player, Hold L2 or LT to lift the lantern.

Similarly, press and hold CTRL on the keyboard for PC players wanting to use the lantern.

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Uses of Umbral Lantern In Lords Of The Fallen

Umbral Lantern has many uses in Lords Of The Fallen

In fact, it is part of your character’s equipment in the game as it is undetachable.

Therefore it is only natural that we have to discuss the importance here:

1. Illumination

Lanterns provide light in the game’s dark and dimly lit areas.

They help you see your surroundings, making navigating through dark corridors, caves, and dungeons easier.

Without a lantern, you may have difficulty spotting hidden items, secrets, or enemies lurking in the shadows.

2. Lighting Torches

Many areas in the game have unlit torches that can be ignited using your lantern.

Lit torches not only provide additional illumination but can also help you uncover secrets or access new areas.

This can help players in getting extra loot or hidden items in the game.

3. Detecting Secrets

The lantern can reveal hidden passages, breakable walls, or other concealed items.

You can find secret areas and items by carefully inspecting your surroundings while holding the lantern.

In order to investigate the area, just lift your umbral lantern.

4. Story Elements

The game’s narrative and lore are often revealed through the alternate environment.

As aforementioned, players can use the lantern to go to the Axiom dimension.

Examining certain objects and areas while using the lantern can provide additional insight into the game’s story and characters.

For example, players can use the lantern in order to interact with the statues in the game to reveal a new location.

5. Gameplay Progression And Combat

In some cases, lanterns are necessary to progress through the game.

They may be required to unlock doors, solve puzzles, or complete specific objectives.

In fact, there are some areas in the game where players must use the lantern in order to visit the Axiom world.

Additionally, the lantern can be used to fend off enemies in a pinch.

You can Soulflay with the lantern to extract the souls of the enemies.

This will allow players to not only deal withered damage to the opponents but also regain health.

The Bottom line

The information on the Red Butterflies and the Lantern issue is very scarce because the game was just released on 13 Oct 2023.

Because of this reason, there is no option other than to trust the discussions made on Online threads.

But players should constantly visit these discussion threads online to understand this mechanism’s exact explanation.

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