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Explore Everything About Severed Hands In Lords Of The Fallen

Severed hands are a type of currency that players can acquire and use in Lords of the Fallen.

It lets players purchase items from a particular vendor at the Shrine of Adyr.

In Lords of the Fallen, severed hands are precious resources. They enable you to acquire potent items that can provide a significant advantage in combat.

This article examines severed hands in Lords of the Fallen and how to obtain them.

What Are Severed Hands In Lords Of The Fallen?

Severed hands in the game world of Lords of the Fallen are the remnants of deceased players.

Further, they serve multiple functions, including purchasing items, enhancing weapons, or invading other players’ game sessions.

Here are some of the items that you can purchase from the vendor at the Shrine of Adyr:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Consumables
  • Upgrade materials
  • Cosmetic items

The Shrine of Adyr lies in Fitzroy’s Gorge, behind the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

severed hands lords of the fallen
At the Shrine of Adyr, you can purchase various items using severed hands.

You can interact with the statue at this shrine to buy items from the vendor.

Moreover, the purchased items encompass weapons, armor, and consumables.

However, it’s important to note that these items can only be acquired using severed hands as currency.

You can store severed hands in your inventory and use them in Lords of the Fallen at your discretion.

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How To Obtain Severed Hands In Lords Of The Fallen?

Players can acquire severed hands throughout the game, including on corpses, chests, and secret spaces.

In Lords of the Fallen, you can obtain severed hands through two methods:

  • Multiplayer Mode: Participate in “Slaughter Lamp Bears” by entering any Vestage. This allows you to join another player’s session for PvP combat. So, if you emerge victorious, you’ll receive a severed hand as a reward.
  • Defeat In-Game Enemies: While less common, you can acquire severed hands by defeating specific enemies.

Here are some tips to acquire severed hands effectively:

  • Prioritize defeating other players in multiplayer mode, as it’s the most dependable method.
  • Aim to enter multiplayer sessions with lower-level players to gain a competitive edge.
  • You can use the environment to your advantage by luring opponents into traps or launching surprise attacks.
  • Additionally, if you find it challenging to win solo, consider teaming up with another player to improve your odds of success.

Uses Of Severed Hands

After securing a collection of severed hands, you can employ them to buy items from the vendor stationed at the Shrine of Adyr.

The shop offers a selection of rare and potent items, including potions, runes, spells, and armor.

Moreover, it exclusively accepts severed hands as a form of payment, with the pricing varying depending on the specific item you wish to purchase.

Further, you can utilize severed hands for upgrading your weapons through the blacksmith’s services.

The blacksmith can upgrade your weapons with various effects like fire, poison, or lightning.

They charge severed hands for each enhancement, with costs increasing as you progress to higher upgrade levels.

Moreover, severed hands enable you to invade other players’ games for PvP battles when you activate a unique item known as the Crimson Ritual.

This item can be discovered in different game locations like chests or hidden areas.

Additionally, engaging in PvP combat allows you to challenge and potentially defeat other players, leading to the acquisition of their Vigor and severed hands.

However, failing in this endeavor results in losing your Vigor and severed hands.

The Bottom Line

In Lords of the Fallen, severed hands are a valuable resource.

They can help you get stronger and test your skills against others.

However, you must be careful; you can lose them if you die or fail in battles.

Therefore, it’s essential to use them wisely and choose when to use them carefully.

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