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Last Epoch Twitch Drops Not Working: How To Fix?

Last Epoch Twitch drops are not working for many players as they are not showing up in the game.

Twitch Drops can enhance the gaming experience by rewarding players for watching streams.

However, some players have reported issues with Twitch Drops not functioning as expected.

Continue reading to find out more about Twitch drops not working in Last Epoch and how to resolve the issue.

What Are Twitch Drops In Last Epoch?

Twitch Drops are rewards that players can earn by watching streams of Last Epoch on Twitch.

These rewards can include in-game items, currency, or other bonuses which adds extra excitement to the viewers.

It is an interesting way of earning valuables by just watching streams which helps to progress faster in the Last Epoch.

However, some users are encountering problems with Last Epoch Twitch drops not working.

Last Epoch Twitch Drops
Last Epoch is an action role-playing game where you can get various Twitch drops starting from February 22.

Players can get rewards like Mantle of the Prophesier, Green Dire-Guana pet, Blue Seer’s Orb pet, Merchant’s Mantle etc as the twitch drops.

Despite players correctly linking both their Steam and Last Epoch with their Twitch account, the Twitch drop is showing issues.

Players report encountering delays or issues with Twitch Drops not appearing in their game.

Reasons For Twitch Drops Not Working In Last Epoch

Twitch drops not showing up in Last Epoch is indeed frustrating for all the players.

Furthermore, the time and effort players give to watch the streams of the game on Twitch all go in vain due to this issue.

There are several reasons why Twitch drops do not show up right away in the game, they are as follows:

1. Server Congestion

One of the reasons is technical problems or delays in the communication between Twitch, the Last Epoch server and the game.

These type of technical issues often occurs due to high traffic that leads to server congestion.

When a lot of players try to play the game at the same time during game launches or special events, it leads to server congestion.

2. Account Linking And Authentication Issue

Another reason for Twitch drops not working issue is the problems with account linking or authentication for verifying accounts.

The verification process for the Twitch account with the Steam and Last Epoch server might stop Twitch drops from coming through.

Even though users may have correctly linked their Twitch and Last Epoch accounts, there could be backend authentication issues.

Hence, this may be stopping the rewards from being transferred smoothly in Last Epoch.

3. Problems With Game’s Software

The Twitch drops and Last Epoch’s game client sometimes may face synchronizing issues and do not match up right away.

This can happen due to slow and unstable internet connection and maintenance on servers.

Similarly, the issue occurs if you have problems with the Last Epoch’s software and have not updated it to the recent update.

These issues can make Twitch Drops take longer to arrive or not show up the way they should.

How To Fix Twitch Drops Not Working?

According to some players, the Twitch drop not working issue was resolved by waiting patiently after accepting the Twitch drop.

Some players waited for approximately 15 minutes after accepting the Twitch drops on the platform which fixed the issue.

Last Epoch Twitch Drops not working
Wait patiently for 15 minutes after accepting the Twitch drops to fix the Last Epoch Twitch drops not working issue.

This indicates that delays in receiving Twitch Drops may be temporary and they might go away if you wait patiently for a bit.

Hence, if you’re having trouble with Twitch Drops not showing up in Last Epoch you can follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your Twitch and Last Epoch accounts are linked correctly.
  2. Check your account settings to confirm that everything is connected properly.
  3. Twitch Drops may take some time to appear so be patient and wait for about 15 minutes after accepting the drop on Twitch.
  4. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and have updated the game to the latest updates.
  5. Keep an eye on any official announcements or updates from the Last Epoch development team regarding the Twitch drops issue.
  6. You can do this by following Last Epoch’s official social media pages or checking their website regularly for updates regarding Twitch drops.
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