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Last Epoch Long Queue Times And Not Moving: Failed To Matchmake Fixes

In Last Epoch, long queue times can be caused by several factors, both within the game itself and external circumstances.

Factors like high player demand, matchmaking issues and geographical location lead to longer queue times.

Undoubtedly, the issue of prolonged queue times in Last Epoch has been a source of frustration and disappointment for players.

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Last Epoch Queue Not Moving Issue: Matchmake Failed

While playing Last Epoch, an immersive and seamless gaming experience is fundamental to player enjoyment.

However, nothing disrupts the flow of excitement, like being stuck in a queue that refuses to budge.

Instead of diving right in, players find themselves staring at a static queue screen in Last Epoch with no progress in sight.

In a recent tweet, Last Epoch acknowledged the frustration among players regarding the persistent issue of long queue times
In a recent tweet, Last Epoch acknowledged the frustration among players regarding the persistent issue of long queue times.

On different social media and online forums, they have recently reported facing very long queue times to find a match.

Players who are trying to access the game are experiencing delays in progressing through the queue system.

Fortunately, Last Epoch developers are aware of this issue and are likely working diligently to implement effective solutions.

Hence, this issue has disrupted the flow of gameplay, impeding players’ ability to fully immerse in the rich world of Last Epoch.

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Causes of Queue Stuck In Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, several factors can contribute to the queue getting stuck or not moving, disrupting the player’s gaming experience.

The ‘Queue not moving’ error is directly linked to a server overload, resulting from an overwhelming number of players trying to log in. 

This overload can lead to slowdowns and queue stagnation as the servers struggle to process incoming requests.

Similarly, bugs, errors or glitches in the matchmaking system or server communication protocols sometimes cause this issue.

If the matchmaking system is unable to balance player populations effectively, queues may remain stuck.

Moreover, if there are too few players in certain regions or at specific times of day, queues may become stuck.

Queue Stuck In Last Epoch: Possible Fixes

Here are some tips and tricks that players can follow to troubleshoot and fix this issue in Last Epoch.

1. Restart The Game

Sometimes, simply restarting the game can help players resolve temporary issues that may be causing the queue to get stuck.

They must close the game completely and then relaunch it to see if the queue starts moving again.

2. Switching To A Different Server

Players can try to resolve this queue-stuck issue by exploring different server regions with potentially lower queue times.

Switching to a different server region can often be an effective strategy for bypassing queue stagnation issues and reducing wait times.

3. Check For Server Status Updates

Players must visit the official Last Epoch website to check for any updates regarding server status or maintenance.

Sometimes, queue issues may be due to server maintenance or unexpected downtime, which the developers will communicate to players.

However, Last Epoch recently addressed that the developers have taken steps to address this issue.

4. Verify Internet Connection

Players must ensure that their internet connection is stable and functioning properly.

A weak or unstable connection can cause delays in connecting to game servers and may contribute to queue stuck issues.

However, players must try resetting the router or connecting via a wired ethernet connection if possible.

5. Verify Game Files

By verifying game files, players can ensure that the game client is functioning correctly.

Verify the games files are installed correctly
Verify the games files are installed correctly.

This will check for any issues that are related to players’ installation files, and it might take a few minutes to fix them.

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