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Lego Fortnite Vendetta Flopper: Use Fish Rod And Bait

In Lego Fortnite, players can find Vendetta Flopper, a special kind of fish, in various locations across the map.

Moreover, these water creatures are extremely rare to find and catch.

Additionally, catching 10 of these Vendetta Flopper fishes enables you to create an epic charm that redirects the damage on enemies.

Read more to find out Where you can catch Vendetta Floppers and the equipment you will require.

Vendetta Floppers In Lego Fortnite: Too Rare To Catch?

Vendetta Floppers are very rare to catch and find, and they also require equipment of the same rarity In Lego Fortnite.

However, in the right place at the right time, you will surely be able to easily catch a few of these Vendetta Flopper fishes.

They are of Epic rarity and can be found in high-tier caves underground.

Setting up your bait and hanging around in the caves can earn you a few of these fishes just like in real fishing. 

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Vendetta Floppers In Lego Fortnite: Where To Find Them?

Vendetta Floppers can be around across different locations across the Lego Fortnite map.

However, you can find them in high-tier caves, like Grassland Cave being an example.

Lego Fortnite Vendetta Flopper
You will also have an option to toss the fish back into the water after you have caught them.

These fishes will eventually be added to other locations as well in the next patch but for now, Grassland Cave is the way to go.

Once, you have caught a few and you want some more of these epic fishes, you can leave the cave and head back in.

Furthermore, They will respawn back in the same pool where you had caught them.

Vendetta Floppers Lego Fortnite: How To Catch Them?

You can catch a few of these epic fishes with ease specifically in Grassland Cave.

However, you will need Epic Equipment as well if you want to catch these fish in a short period of time.

The recipes you will require to catch one of these Epic fishes are:

1. Epic Fishing Rod

Of course, Fishing rods are the main equipment for fishing, you can start with the Uncommon one but an Epic Rod is recommended.

Additionally, Epic Fishing Rods do the job quite fast and make the whole process a lot more efficient.

To craft an Epic Rod, you will require the following:

  1. Frostpine Rod x4
  2. Drawstrings x2
  3. Heavy Wool Thread x3
  4. Artic Claws x3

However, you will require your workbench or crafting bench to be Level 4 to craft an Epic Fishing Rod.

2. Fish Bait

Fishes are smart, and Epic Fishes are smarter, so don’t expect your Fishing Rod to do all the work.

Although you can catch the fish without a fish bait if you are lucky enough, it makes the work much easier.

Fishing bait, too, has its own Four-tier rarity, so make sure you use Epic Fish Bait to catch Vendetta Flopper fish.

Lego Fortnite Vendetta Flopper
The bait bucket helps you catch the fish very quickly and they hardly ever slip.

You can unlock Epic Fish Bait by adding a Common Bait Bucket to your inventory.

However, you will also need to have a Juicer in the world. 

Juicers are easy to craft with the materials you find easily in the game’s world.

To craft a Juicer you will require:

  1. Plank x8
  2. Knotroot Rod x5
  3. Marble Slab x8

Having 10 of these Vendetta Floppers fishes, you can make an epic charm that redirects a certain amount of damage back to the enemies.

Vendetta Fish Reflection
You can craft the reflection charm on your crafting bench.

However, they only bounce back 1 damage per charm.

Therefore, with 2 or 3 charms equipped, you will only be dealing the same amount of damage regardless of the enemy’s strike.

You can also put your Vendetta Floppers in your Food Processor and it gives back 2 blast powder and 2 fillets.

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