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Catapult Weapon: New Item In LEGO Fortnite

Lego Fortnite is coming up with an update soon, featuring leaks of new additions, including a weapon like rift hammer, and mobs.

One of the updates is Catapult, a new weapon that will be available on Lego Fortnite soon. 

Catapult is a craftable weapon that is best for long-range explosive projectiles, which will feature in future Lego Fortnite updates. Moreover, other Lego Fortnite 2024 upcoming updates are rift gears and weapons, food, traders, and zipline.
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What IS Catapult In LEGO Fortnite?

Epic Games has set the gaming community abuzz with its big plans to expand one of the most popular games of the year.

Hence, the leaker has unveiled exciting secrets, new features, improvements, and upcoming surprises in 2024 LEGO Fortnite updates.

Add some Thrusters for counterweight to increase the speed
Add some Thrusters for a counterweight to increase the speed.

A catapult is a craftable weapon that is capable of long-range explosive projectiles to damage structures and enemies.

Moreover, players who prefer to control the battlefield from a distance must load this weapon to destroy enemies.

This additional, innovative weapon will bring the game a unique and strategic dimension.

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How To Make Catapult In Lego Fortnite?

Catapult is yet to come but some Lego Fortnite players have already discovered how to create it.

Here is the guide that you follow to build Catapult in the current Lego Fortnite patch;

  1. Find a Location, to put the base for the Catapult.
  2. Place a foundation, enter the wall section, and select a half wall.
  3. Place six half walls in total and repeat the same process on the other side.
  4. Stack half walls on each of the either side on top.
  5.  Go to the fences, select the Rustic Railing Corner and Medieval Ruling, and place it on the top.
  6. Get a rustic thin floor and place it on the dots.
  7. Again go to the fences, select the  Medieval Ruling and Barrels from the decoration.
  8. Placed it in the support available support plank.
  9. Head back to the building parts menu, find the log pillar, put it on the top of the basic barrel, and put the Rustic Railing.
  10. Make a bass, put the thrusters underneath it, find the modern nightstand, and place it on the top of the barrel.
  11. Grab a log pillar, stack it, and place the Rustic Thin floor to load the items that you want to launch.
Player discover ways to create a catapult
Players discover ways to create a catapult on a community forum.

After building the Catapult, place an item into it, and then activate the Thrusters.

However, players must swing it upwards to throw the object into the distance.

Other LEGO Fortnite Leaks In 2024

Lego Fortnite’s new updates include many new items, traders, weapons, and many more, some of which are listed below.

1. Traders

New traders and peddling traders, which feature three different types of traders, are coming soon.

Hence, one of the traders is Wolf, who will trade items to players who are necessary for construction.

Another two is Fox, who will provide you with some snacks, and a Raccoonn who will exchange your junk in the game.

2. Higher Tier Weapons And Tools

New high-tier powerful tools and weapons to elevate players’ gameplay experiences are coming into the game.

However, the upcoming Tier 5 items include Rift Sword, Iron Axe, Titanium Shovel, and Pickaxe. 

3. Rift Gears And Weapons

In the ever-expanding world of Lego Fortnite, highly anticipated additions are Rift Sword, Crossbow, and Hammer. 

Subsequently, other upcoming weapons are Stud Gun Rifles, bows, and gravity guns, i.e., automatic and skill-based ranged weapons.

4. Zipline

The leaked information reveals the introduction of a zipline by which players can travel and enhance traversal speed.

However, players must set the zipline routes using the zipline poles and connect the transport links.

5. New Wildlife Mobs And Resources

Leaks suggest the arrival of new wildlife like Beer, beetles, bats, eagles, deer, and many more.

Moreover, resources like Compass for newcomers to navigate the directions, and food items like cookies, and mushrooms to survive.

The Bottom Line

Along with the leaked information in Lego Fortnite players’ excitement is reaching a fever pitch.

It is constantly updated with new weapons and craftable items that players can use to improve the gameplay experience.

Moreover, these legendary weapons are set to become iconic additions to the Lego Fortnite experience.

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