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Lethal Company Push To Talk: Turn Mic On Or Off

Push To Talk is one of the most important and essential control buttons in Lethal Company.

However, many players are not aware of the major role of the Push To Talk button.

The Push To Talk control button helps players quickly turn on and off their mic in the lethal company just by pressing the single key. Players can bind their desired key in the settings.

Continue reading to learn more about the push to talk button in Lethal Company.

Introduction To Push To Talk Control Button

Push To Talk is known as the control button for the players and can be found in game settings.

With the help of this control button, players can easily and instantly turn on and off their mic.

Players playing Lethal Company
Players are trying to complete the mission in Lethal Company.

Additionally, the default Push To Talk key in Lethal Company is set to ‘T‘ by the games.

However, players can change the default key by themselves at any time, according to their needs.

Binding the required keys according to the player’s needs helps them improve their gaming skills and speed.

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Changing Push To Talk Button Lethal Company

Every player desires control in games to make the gameplay easier for them.

Likewise, Lethal Company also provides custom control settings to their players.

In order to change the push-to-talk control button, players should first go to the game settings.

Push To Talk Button
Push To Talk Control Settings in Lethal Company.

Now, in the control settings, players can see the text with Push To Talk along with the default key.

Finally, players can now change the default key according to their needs.

Open Mic Vs Push To Talk In Lethal Company

Lethal Company provides two voice features to its players, i.e., open mic and push to talk.

Moreover, if any players are dead in lethal company, then they can’t hear and can’t even talk with other alive members.

Players are discussing the open mic and push to talk on the Reddit discussion.

1. Open Mic

If players don’t have any background noise while playing the game, then they can use the open mic features without any issues.

Open mic helps the player hear the scream more clearly, and it makes communication more accurate.

2. Push To Talk 

Likewise, if the players have too much background noise, then it is better to turn on push to talk.

After binding the key for the push to talk, it will be very easy for the players to control the voice.

As players can directly turn on push to talk when there is no background noise and turn off whenever there is more background noise.

The Bottom Line

Voice is an essential part of many games, as it helps the players to locate enemies quickly and talk with team members.

Therefore, Push to Talk Control settings will always have a great impact on the players.

Hopefully, this article will help you learn about the importance of push to talk control in the Lethal Company.

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