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Lethal Company Fake Fire Exit: How To install?

Lethal Company is a co-op horror game that has quickly become popular among gamers.

Players can use mods to enhance the experience or make their adventures a bit easier in Lethal Company.

One of the mods in Lethal Company is the Mimics mod, which allows you to mimic a door with a fake fire exit that contains a monster.
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What Is A Fake Fire Exit In Lethal Company?

A fake fire exit is a second exit that is not a real exit. It is a door that leads to a dead end that contains a monster.

Fake fire exit
Fake fire exit in Lethal Company.

In Lethal Company, the fake fire exit is a door that looks like an exit but is not. It is a trap that can lead to your death.

The fake fire exit is a mod feature in horror games, and it is used to create tension and suspense.

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How To Install Mimics Mod In Lethal Company?

Before you install any mod in Lethal Company, make sure to make a backup of the game files in Steam to aid recovery efforts.

Here are the steps to install the Mimics mod in Lethal Company:

1. Install Thunderstore Mod Manager

First, go to the Thunderstore Mod Manager website and click on the Get App to download it.

Then, install it at the default location or your desired location.

Thunderstore Mod Manager
Download and install Thunderstore Mod Manager.

Once installed, open it up and go to the main menu, you will find various games available.

Search for Lethal Company using the search bar at the top and select the game.

2. Choose Lethal Company From The List

Once you have installed the Thunder Mod manager, choose Lethal Company from the list of games.

To do so go to the search bar and type Lethal Company and select it.

Similarly, you can also select default if you want to open the manager with Lethal Company.

3. Create A Profile

Thunderstore will ask to create a profile for installing a mod.

If you want to change the game, you can create a separate mod profile with different mods.

Furthermore, you can also choose or create multiple profiles for different games and mods.

4. Install BepInExPack To Make The Game Moddable

Install “BepInExPack” to make the game moddable.

This is a necessary step to install any mod in Lethal Company.

Moreover, it helps to mod the game from the Steam library files.

5. Install The Mimics Mod

Finally, install the Mimics mod in the Lethal Company.

You can find the mod on the Thunderstore website or search in the Thunderstore Mod Manager.

Furthermore, go to Lethal Company select My mods tab, and search for Mimics mod.

Click on Download the mod and install it using the Thunderstore Mod Manager.

Mimics mod
Install Mimics mod using Thunderstore Mod Manager.

Afterward, there are two options to open the game Vanilla and Modded.

The vanilla option doesn’t have any mod installed, which is the default version from the Steam Library.

Similarly, the Modded version has all the mods installed and opens the game with all the mods.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Mimics mod is a great addition to Lethal Company.

It allows you to mimic a door with a fake fire exit symbol in the game and adds a new level of excitement to the game.

Moreover, installing the Mimics mod is easy, and you can do it in just a few steps.

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