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How To Use New Zealand Trick In Lies Of P?

Players are discovering new tips and techniques to obtain the Lies of P game, including the New Zealand trick.

The technique is a faster getaway to access the game.

The Lies of P New Zeland Trick is a method to play the game faster than any other region. To use this, players must change the location settings of Xbox or Steam to New Zealand and restart them.

Continue reading the secrets and deployment technique of the New Zealand trick in the Lies of P game.

What is New Zealand Trick?

The New Zealand trick in the game offers players access to play the game before users of other time zones.

Moreover, the trick has been around for years, and players continuously use it to play other games. 

However, this technique doesn’t work for all the games, as the release date for all zones is kept fixed.

As New Zealand is an island country in Oceania, the time zone is quite early compared to the likes of North America, Asia or Europe.

Giving players an advantage while accessing various games on different devices and consoles.

What is New Zealand Trick in Lies Of P?

The New Zealand trick in Lies of P is almost identical to any other games for PC or Xbox.

As for PlayStation owners, players must select the region just after the purchase, so they can’t make changes.

Also, PS users can only access the game after an official release on Xbox and Steam even if they use the trick.

Xbox error
An error occurs if players launch the game without using the trick.

Players who are eager to play one of the most-awaited games, Lies of P, can get usage out of this trick.

In addition, players can get an advantage of almost 2 hours in the New Zealand region.

All the players who have bought the deluxe edition can play the game 72 hours before the official release.

Using the New Zealand Trick To Play Lies Of P

Players who have made the pre-purchase of the deluxe edition can enjoy the games currently.

As the countdown to the game’s official release worldwide has begun, players first shout buy the standard edition of Lies of P.

The game’s pricing for all the units, including Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, is priced at $59.99.

However, players who are yet to get the game and are trying to use the trick for early access follow the procedures;

  1.  Go to Settings on your Xbox.
lies of p new zealand trick
Head to settings in your console.
  1. Search for the System Settings and enter Language & location.
lies of p in Xbox
Head to the language & location in the system settings.
  1. Tap the Location button and enable the region as New Zealand.
lies of p new zealand trick
Select the location as New Zealand.

Then. the player must restart the controller after changing the language and location settings.

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The Bottom Line

The New Zealand trick in Lies Of P is a simple yet effective method for early access to the games, even without the deluxe edition.

Players will get 2 to 3 hours of advantage by changing the location settings to New Zealand.

Thankfully, this method works on both Xbox and Steam but not on the PlayStation.

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