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Max Level In Nightingale: Progression And Gear Upgrade

The max level in the game Nightingale refers to the max score of your gears rather than the actual score of your character.

There is no actual level but there is gear level that is determined by crafting your gear out of high-tier materials.

Therefore, players can expect to gain level in Nightingale by using High tier materials and enchantments in gears.

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Nightingale Game Level

Nightingale is a new PVE survival crafting game that can be played with up to 6 players in a single party.

In this game, there is no existence of any character levels as the max level is determined by the Gear levels.

The Gear level refers to the quality and reliability of gear that you craft and upgrade using enchantments.

The more quality of materials and enchantment you use, the better the score of the Gears get in the game.

Gear Score in Nightingale
The level in game Nightgale is determined by the gear score rather than the character’s level in the game.
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Max Level In Nightingale Game

As the levels are determined by the gear levels, the max level that you can reach of the gear level is 729.

Moreover, players can expect extensions of levels in the future as they progress through the game Nightingale.

These gear levels are the main content of the game as they provide certain enhancements in the game. Like:

  1. The permanent boost of stats
  2. Various choices in advanced mechanisms
  3. Determines your competitive stats
  4. More clothing options

Therefore, players might be willing to gain the gear levels faster as it creates a huge impact throughout the game.

Upgrading Gears
Upgrading gears with the quality of materials and enchanments determines the tier of the equipment.

How To Increase Level In Nightingale?

To increase the level in Nightingale, you have to increase the levels of your equipment and gear.

As the gear’s level determines the level, the total level is calculated based on the following items:

  • Main hand weapon or tool; the off-hand item is not counted.
  • Headgear
  • Gear/coat
  • Backpack/cloak/poncho
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Moreover, you can either upgrade these items or obtain new items to level up your gear score in the game.

Therefore, follow these simple steps to increase your level in the Nightingale game.

1. Obtain Upgrade Bench

The first opportunity that you get to upgrade your gear level in the game is by obtaining the simple Upgrade Bench.

Moreover, players can obtain this blueprint from Essence Traders and use it to upgrade their gears and items.

2. Complete Quests

The more you complete the quests, the more resources you obtain that can be used to build high tier gears.

Therefore, engage in the maximum number of quests to build up your stats and upgrade your gears.

3. Explore And Loot

Roam the game world to discover hidden treasures and defeat enemies to gain experience.

Players can expect many rare gear or powerful items to boost their character’s strength throughout their journey.

4. Crafting And Enchanting

The crafting and enchanting system in the game allows you to enhance your gear’s stats and quality.

Moreover, the rarer the materials you use for crafting and the more you invest in enchanting, the higher the tier of gear you will obtain.

5. Join Guilds And Alliances

A feature is added in the game where players can collaborate with other players by joining guilds.

Therefore, joining guilds and completing specific quests as a team enables you to achieve many rewards.

6. Team Up for Raids And Boss Battles

As a solo player, it would be hard to deal with stronger enemies, but it would be much easier as a team.

Hence, as enemies’ levels increase, players can anticipate more loot and higher-tier rewards.

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