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Red Fox Offer In Lies Of P: Accept Or Not

The Red Fox offer is an event choice in the Red Fox and Black Cat questline on the Lies of P game.

Moreover, the choice is to help Red Fox and his brother fight the villains and obtain the precious items.

The Red Fox offer in Lies of P is whether to help the Fox and his brother fight the Black Rabbit Brotherhood or not. If players agree to the offer, the siblings will still betray by allying with the Brotherhood and kidnap Gepetto. 

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Red Fox In Lies Of P

Red Fox is a non-player character (NPC) in the lies of P, which can trigger future events and influence the players during the progression.

She appears in the Workshop Union Culvet in the early game and is a Sister of Black Cat.

The character seems a bit notorious and mysterious with deep secrets and initially addresses players as a stalker friend.

While progressing, players can again see the Fox and her brother in the Malum district.

Red Fox Offer In Lies Of P

While conversing, Red Fox initially humitaes the player but later offers to join their forces.

lies of p red fox offer
Red Fox offer in Malcom district.

The Siblings are planning to launch an attack on the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Moreover, villains seem to bully the citizens around, and their location consists of treasures.

During this event, players must distract the enemies if they agree to help the Red Fox.

lies of p red fox offer
Accept the first offer of Red Fox.

If players accept the offer, they must beat a few enemies initially to impress the Red Fox.

Further, when players meet the siblings again, Fox tries to influence the characters with the dialogue.

Then, she asks for a gold coin fruit, which the players can either accept or deny the request.

gold coin fruit
Give gold coin fruit to Red Fox.

Should You Accept The Red Fox Offer in Lies Of P?

If players are confused about accepting the Red Fox’s initial offer to join their army, the answer is definitely No.

While progressing through the quest line and meeting Sophia, players will learn about the dark secrets of the siblings.

The Red Fox, Black Cas, and the Black Rabbit Brotherhood were planning a conspiracy against the players and already kidnapped Gepetto.

If players seek revenge against the stalker, meet the black cat and offer him a gold fruit coin to meet his sister.

Black cat lies of p
Grant Black Cat a gold coin fruit.

When players meet the Fox, she justifies her claim and assures the character’s father is safe.

Players can agree to give her the coin to trust her or deploy an attack on her, knowing she betrayed the players.

It all depends on the player’s choice and liking of the Red Fox,

If players spare her, she will offer players a Red Fox mask and introduce herself as Claudia.

On the other hand, if a player wants to engage in a flight, she is not an easy character to come against.

Make the best use of the Melee and deploy a passive attack to take her mask.

Red Fox mask
Grab the Red Fox mask.
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The Bottom Line

Lies of P Red Fox offer is one of the choices to help the Fox and Black Cat fight the Black Rabbit brothers.

Whether players choose or reject the offer, the siblings will betray and kidnap the character’s father.

While progression through, players can kill the Red FFox or give her a final chance.

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