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Why Is Little Live Pets Mouse Toy Not Working?

Parents and their kids complain that their Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Minis: Lil’ Mouse is not working.

Hence, their kids cannot witness the birth of the mama mouse as something is faulty with the product.

Users of the new Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Minis: Lil’ Mouse are concerned about the birth mechanism of the toy as it is not working. As a result, their kids are disappointed as the toy’s birth mechanism is the selling point.

Continue reading this article to learn why Little Live Pets- Lil’ Mouse is not working with its possible fixes.

Introduction To Little Live Pets: Lil’ Mouse Toy

Little Live Pets: Lil’ Mouse is a recent toy collection in the Mama Surprise Minis series.

Initially, this toy only comes with a mama mouse, some hay, a celery, and a cage.

Little Live Pets Mouse
Little Live Pets Mama Surprise: Lil’ Mouse toy.

However, after filling the bottle in the cage with water, kids can discover the surprise baby mice.

Therefore, it is a very innovative toy that creates a moment of magic for the kids who play with it.

The toy costs anywhere from 13$ to 20$, depending on the outlet where it is sold.

Therefore, customers are advised to get it only from trusted sources with positive customer reviews.

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Working Mechanism Of The Little Live Pets Mouse

The Little Live Pets Mouse has a very unique mechanism that made it popular in the first place.

According to their toy advertisement, the mama mouse can give birth to babies after a specific gimmick.

Thus, users have to fill the small water bottle on the cage to trigger the birth mechanism of the toy.

Working mechanism of the toy
The working mechanism of the little live pets mouse toy.

This is because there is a water absorption tool inside the cage that triggers something to drop the babies.

Therefore, the baby mice do not appear magically as they are hidden inside the cage’s roof.

Finally, these mice drop after the water unlocks the contraption at the bottom of the cage’s roof.

Why Is The Little Live Pets Mouse Not Working?

There are many reasons why the birth mechanism of the Little Live Pets Mouse toy is not working.

Specifically, the problem is commonly related to the water absorption tool at the side of the toy.

Additionally, this singular part is responsible for triggering the birth mechanism of the toy from the inside.

There could be several other reasons for this, such as:

  • Low Batteries
  • Damaged or Broken Toy
  • Toy is Off

The Little Live Pets Mouse Not Working: Fixes

There are a few possible reasons why your mouse might not be functioning properly.

First, ensure the batteries are fresh and inserted correctly. You can find the battery compartment on the bottom of the mouse.

Also, users should check the volume of the water bottle to determine if something is wrong.

So, if the water volume does not reduce from the bottle, the absorption tool must be at fault.

However, if the water volume decreases, but the birth mechanism does not work, then it is a faulty product.

Nevertheless, users can manually open the roof by pressing the small button at the side of the roof.

In doing so, they can discover the hidden babies meant to drop after water activation.

The Bottom Line

Little Live Pets Mouse is a popular toy that has taken over the toy world among kids.

However, users are disappointed when this toy does not perform properly as per the advertisement.

Therefore, they must return or exchange the product if it is damaged or faulty.

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