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Explore The World Of Invasions In Lords Of The Fallen

Invasions in Lords of The Fallen allow players to go up against other players.

Furthermore, there are multiple rewards that players can obtain by going up against other players in the game.

Invasions in Lords Of The Fallen are accessible through the “Vestige.” The invasions yield a good amount of special in-game currency to the players that they can use to get a special lamp holder.
This article discusses the Invasions in Lords Of The Fallen.

What Are Invasions In Lords Of The Fallen?

Invasions are a way to interact with other players in Lords Of The Fallen.

However, in invasions, it is PVP rather than being in the same party and clearing the game content.

When a player initiates an invasion, they will teleport to the other player’s location.

Then, they can head to the player’s location to fight them head-on.

invasions lords of the fallen
Invasions are a PVP mode in Lords of the Fallen.

If the invader defeats the player, they will receive a special in-game currency. This same rule applies to the player who is getting invaded.

The special currency allows players to obtain a unique lamp holder. The design of the holder is quite different from other lamp holders.

Furthermore, there is a cautionary tale that players must pay attention to when an invader enters their world.

The enemies of the player will treat the invader as one of them.

Thus, if players are fighting against a horde of enemies, the invader can take advantage of it to defeat the players.

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How To Invade In Lords Of The Fallen?

Invading other players in Lords Of The Fallen is quite easy.

Here are steps to invade in Lords Of The Fallen:

  1. First, make your way to the “Vestige.”
  2. Then, interact with it and choose the “Multiplayer” option.
  3. Then, they find the “Slaughter a Lampbearer” option.
  4. After you click the option, it will randomly match you with a random player.
  5. Then, you can start the hunt to defeat the player and obtain the special in-game currency.
invasion through vestige Lords of the fallen
Choose to slaughter a lampbearer to invade another player’s world.

Ways To Stop Invasions In Lords Of The Fallen

There are no definitive ways to stop an invasion. However, players can prevent invasions using a few tricks.

Here is a list of tricks players can use to prevent invasions in Lords Of The Fallen:

1. Play In Offline mode

Invaders can only enter your world if you are in online mode.

Furthermore, since the invasion is accessible using the multiplayer option, players can simply play the game offline.

This will prevent the invasion and save you a lot of trouble.

2. Purchase Mirror Of Protection

The second method is to purchase a “Mirror Of Protection” from the shrine.

This item will temporarily prevent other invaders from entering your world.

However, this is a temporary way of preventing the invasions, thus, it is better to gear up properly and go head to head with the invaders.

Invasions are necessary in the Lords of the Fallen because they are tied to various achievements.

The achievements are “No Mercy” and “Shared Triumph.”

The No Mercy achievement requires you to defeat another player in a PVP battle.

While the Shared triumph achievement requires you to defeat a boss in Co-op mode.

Thus, even though you do not prefer invasions, sometimes you must invade in order to get some of those achievements.

The Bottom Line

Invasions in Lords Of The Fallen are an integral part of the game.

This mechanic allows players to stay on their toes and be ready for any enemy at any time.

Furthermore, the invasions also hold a great deal of rewards, thus, we encourage players to dabble in the PVP aspect of the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the invasions in Lords Of The Fallen.

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