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Find The Spooky Scorched And Its Rewards In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. 

It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

In Fallout 76 Spooky Scorched event players can hunt down the Scorched in their creepy costumes. Further, they get various rewards, such as mystery candy, spooky treat bags, and legendary items. 

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Spooky Scorched In Fallout 76 

The Spooky Scorched event is a limited-time community event that takes place during the Halloween season.

During this event, some of the Scorched enemies dress up in frightening costumes, and bone-chilling holiday music heralds their arrival. 

Players can defeat these Spooky Scorched to claim their spooky treat bags and mystery candy.

The event also features a Trick-or-Treating aspect.

Defeat the Spooky Scorched

Additionally, players can build a spooky candy bowl at their C.A.M.P.s and fill it with mystery candy.

Contrarily, there are some daily and weekly challenges related to the event that reward you with more candy and other items. 

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How To Find Spooky Scorched?

Spooky Scorched are special enemies that appear only during the Halloween event in Fallout 76.

They wear different costumes and drop unique items when defeated.

Here are some more details:

1. Exterior locations

These are places that are not inside buildings or caves. For example, Bolton Greens, Camden Park, Morgantown Airport, etc.

You can find a map of all the Spooky Scorched spawn locations here.

2. Spooky Music

This is a sound effect that plays when a Spooky Scorched is nearby.

However, it sounds like a creepy organ melody with some screams and laughter. 

You can use candy to fill your spooky candy bowl at your C.A.M.P.

3. 10% Chance

This means that only one out of ten Scorched that spawn in exterior locations will be a Spooky Scorched.

The rest will be normal Scorched. The chance is the same for all locations and events.

4. The Challenges

These are tasks that you can complete to earn rewards such as mystery candy, spooky treat bags, legendary items, and more.

Challenges for spooky scorched rewards
You need to perform the Challenges.

What Are Spooky Scorched Rewards In Fallout 76?

Spooky Scorched Rewards are special items you can get by defeating Spooky Scorched enemies in Fallout 76.

Spooky Scorched are Scorched that wear Halloween costumes and attack with melee weapons. 

However, they only appear during the Halloween event, which lasts from October 24 to November 7 this year.

Some of the rewards you can get from Spooky Scorched are:

1. Spooky Treat Bag

This is a loot chest that contains random Halloween-themed items.

The items are the Grim Reaper Vault-Boy Cutout Plan, Classic Jack O’Lantern Plan, Pumpkin Rack Plan, Pirate Costume, and more.

treat bag is fallout 76 spooky scorched rewards
Treat bag contains random Halloween-themed items.

2. Mystery Candy

This is a special candy corn that gives you one of five random stat boosts when you eat it.

Moreover, you can use it to fill your spooky candy bowl at your C.A.M.P. and share it with other players who come trick-or-treating.

3. Legendary Item

This is a rare item that has special effects and bonuses.

However, the item’s quality depends on the difficulty of the Spooky Scorched you defeat.

Some examples are A Wraith’s Wrath Assault Rifle Paint Mod, Red Dinosaur Hellfire Power Armor Babylon Paint Mod, and more.

The Bottom Line

Hunt down the Spooky Scorched in their Halloween costumes and get mystery candy, spooky treat bags, and legendary items.

Celebrate Halloween in Fallout 76 by trick-or-treating at C.A.M.P.s and fighting the Spooky Scorched for special treats and rewards.

Therefore, don’t miss the Spooky Scorched event in Fallout 76.

Contrarily, you can find rare Halloween-themed items and candy by killing the Scorched in their scary outfits.

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